Building a Barndominium in Maryland | Best 2024 Guide

red barndominium for maryland state guide
Todd’s Red Barndominium via our Barndominium Living group.

Barndominiums, in recent years, have been all the rage among alternative housing enthusiasts. People gravitate towards these types of houses due to their versatility and low-cost construction. Find out why barndominiums are excellent alternatives to traditional stick-built homes. We will cover everything you need to know about building a barndominium in Maryland.

Can You Build a Barndominium in Maryland?

Yes, you can build a barndo in Maryland. The state has beautiful outdoors and parks, making it one of the best areas to erect a barndominium in America.

Maryland Barndominiums Overview

A barndominium is a home constructed using the basic framework of a custom-built or pre-existing metal pole barn. Although metal pole buildings are typically used for stores, garages, and stables, they can also serve as contemporary homes. Modern-day barndos are sometimes constructed with timber or a combination of wood and metal. To learn more about these kinds of homes, we have a Barndominium 101 Guide for in-depth information.

Check our Barndominium 101 Guide to learn more about barndominiums, their different types, and how they stack up against conventional houses. You can check out our Facebook page for ideas on your custom barndo design and see the innumerable possibilities. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are always pros and cons to any house, and barndominiums are no exception. Talking about this will help you decide whether or not barndominiums are suitable for you.


  • Easy to build – Barndominiums are both easier and quicker to construct. You also have the option to use a DIY prefabricated kit and handle the rest of the work. For tips from a community of barndo owners, you can join our Facebook Group.
  • Cost-effective – Barndominiums are cheaper alternatives mainly because they can be built quickly, translating to fewer labor expenses. They are also inexpensive to maintain and repair, saving you more in the long run.
  • Flexibility – Barndominiums generally have huge interior spaces that can be utilized for other purposes like a garage, a workshop, or a home office. You have the freedom to customize the space to meet your needs. Our Pinterest page showcases a ton of ideas that you might be interested in.


  • Financing They are usually more challenging to finance because conventional lenders do not consider them as houses. 
  • Resale market – Barndominiums have a limited pool of buyers compared to traditional houses because they are customized to the original owner’s floor plan. 


Construction regulations in Maryland are enforced at the county level. Though the local builders you will work with will already be well versed in these regulations, it is best to discuss this with the local building authority to get a list of regulations to ensure adherence.

It is worth mentioning that most counties allow you to apply for a permit online, case in point Montgomery county and Prince George’s county


Different areas in the state can have differences in how barndominium taxes are calculated. The property assessment and property tax rate for each jurisdiction determine the tax bill. Maryland’s average property tax bill is 1.06%, just below the national average of 1.07%.

For complete information on property tax billing and collection, get in touch with the local jurisdiction’s finance or treasurer’s office.


The average home insurance rate in Maryland is $1,136 per year for a house with $250,000 in dwelling coverage. This is less than the national average premium ($1,383). Maryland does not require you to get insurance, but it is helpful to protect your property financially via barndominium insurance as it covers the cost of repair in an unexpected loss.


For most future barndo owners, working with a financial institution is helpful when starting the project. Look into our recommendations below and see which lender offers the best barndominium financing deal.

Queenstown Bank

Located in the east of Maryland, Queenstown bank has favorable rates and can assist you with your barndominium project. 

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Farm Credit

Farm Credit provides financial services to farmers, ranchers, and rural homebuyers. They can help finance your barndominium.


Going with the right builder is paramount to the success of your home project because the quality of construction hinges on them. Choose builders who have great feedback from past clients. Below are some builders you can look into. 

Pole Building Outfitters

With over 50 years of construction experience in commercial and residential buildings, they are an excellent choice to start your builder search with.

Chesapeake Post Frame Builds

They pride themselves in being barndominium experts and promise to deliver the best results with any barndo build.

JJ’s Custom Builders

JJ’s Custom Builders promises to provide quality services at affordable prices. They have great testimonials from their previous clients.

Heritage Post Frame

Established in 2013, they focus on efficiency and effectiveness in their builds with reduced labor without reduction in quality. 

Holler Contracting

A family-owned and operated company that strives for client satisfaction with every build, making them a great partner in building your home.

We have compiled a list of the top barndominium contractors that build in most states across the US, including Maryland. 

Kit Providers

Purchasing prefabricated kits are an excellent option for DIY enthusiasts. Here are the kit providers we recommend.

Boss Buildings

Boss Buildings has been in the business for 15 years, providing metal building kits, including barndominiums.

Hansen Pole Buildings

They guarantee the lowest-priced kits with the same quality as their competitors. They are worth checking out if you are looking for a kit. 

We’ve also listed the top providers who can deliver barndominium kits to most states.


Barndominiums are generally cheaper compared to traditional houses, but this depends on many factors like the complexity of the design and the features you would like to have. According to Redfin, the average price of home listings in Maryland is $206 per square foot. Barndominiums, on the other hand, are estimated to range from $91 to $105 per square foot. The barndominium pricing mentioned is estimated as there is a lot to factor in. We have a barndominium cost calculator; check out how much your barndo would cost.

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Maryland?

Nearly every space in Maryland is worthy of building a barndominium. From the western mountains to the Chesapeake bay, the natural beauty of Maryland can be your backyard. Places like Gaithersburg, Columbia, and North Potomac are great places with reasonable employment rates and low crime rates. 

3 Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Maryland

Your lifestyle in the next 5-10 years

Ask yourself if the barndominium life is suitable for you. Discussing this with your family is essential, considering your barndo project is a long-term commitment. Your barndo design and features will also be built around your lifestyle.


Planning and sticking to your budget is crucial as you progress throughout the build. Make sure the plans are finalized because adding features during construction will likely incur more costs.

Interior design

You need to beautify your home to personalize your space for a cozy ambiance. Consider what your interior will look like. Which style are you going for? Do you prefer a rustic atmosphere or a Bohemian interior? The internet is a great source of interior design inspiration.

Is it Worth Building a Barndo in Maryland?

Yes, building a barndominium in Maryland has a lot of advantages for people who want a customized dream home. As you plan out your project, take a look at our barndominium floor plans that might spark some ideas for your barndo. We have an article that takes you through the entire barndominium construction process. May you enjoy your barndominium life!