Building a Barndominium in Connecticut | Best 2024 Guide

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The state of Connecticut is also called the Constitution State because it is believed that the ideas for the US Constitution came from the constitution of Connecticut. Connecticut is part of the 13 original colonies and is the southernmost state of the New England region. The state is also part of the original Tri-State Area with New York and New Jersey. 

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about barndominiums, their benefits, and how you can start building a barndo of your own. 

Can You Build a Barndominium in Connecticut?

Yes, you can build a barndominium in Connecticut. Connecticut has a mix of the central valley and coastal plains you can choose from. The state also has hilly areas and low mountains in the north, giving you a variety of regions from which you can decide where to build. 

Connecticut Barndominiums Overview

The term barndominium refers to barn-type structures that function as homes, shops, or garages. While the original barndominiums were made of steel, modern ones may be made of wood or a combination of wood and metal. The only distinct characteristic that modern barndos share with new ones is the unmistakable barn-like look of their exteriors. 

Use our Barndominium 101 Guide to familiarize yourself with barndominiums, barndo types, and other helpful information.  

Advantages and Disadvantages

Although there are many benefits to barndominiums, they also have downsides. We hope to help you seal your decision about barndominiums by informing you about the structures’ benefits and disadvantages. 


  • Barndominiums are affordable – Barndominiums are affordable building options. They use fewer materials than traditional houses. They also have less complex designs, making them easier and cheaper to build. You can construct a barndo DIY style if you want to save since you won’t need to hire professional builders. 
  • They are unique – Most conventional houses look the same, and a barndo is a fantastic option if you want a one-of-a-kind building. Its unique look can make your building the talk of the town. The barndominium’s distinctive style and aesthetics are a great conversation starter if you have guests or family coming over. We have a Pinterest account with pictures of amazing design ideas you can use to design your barndo. 
  • Barndominiums can be fire-resistant – Barndominiums can be fire-resistant because they are mostly made of steel. Metals like steel can withstand fire, especially if you live in an area prone to wildfire. Although metal barndos still have a few wooden components, it is easier to contain a fire since the wooden components are minimal. If you have a wood barndo, install a sprinkler system and have fire extinguishers around to extinguish the fire immediately and protect your property. 


  • They can be challenging to sell – Although the popularity of barndos is picking up, they still appeal to a limited market. This means it might take you longer to sell your barndominium if you need to sell it in the future. You can list your structure on online markets to find a buyer. Another option is to connect with members of our Facebook group who might know other aspiring barndominium owners who might be interested in your property.
  • Limited number of stories – Unlike conventional buildings, you are limited to a single or double-story structure when building a barndominium. If you’ve always wanted to build a multi-story building, a barndominium might not be your best choice. 


Counties have regulations to ensure that construction projects get done properly and secure the safety of occupants. However, counties can have different ordinances so ask the county’s building and zoning office for a complete set of regulations. For example, if you’re planning to build in the city of Westhaven, you need to submit two sets of plans with your application, while the Town of Hamden only asks for one set of plans. 


One of the downsides of building in Connecticut is its high barndominium taxes. At 2.14%, Connecticut’s property tax rate is double the national average of 1.07%. Something else unique is that counties don’t administer property taxes in Connecticut. Towns and cities are the ones that set the tax rates and collect them.


In Connecticut, insuring a barndominium might cost you around $1,216 annually. Getting a policy is one of the best ways to protect your property because you can repair or rebuild your barndo in case of damages or if it is declared a total loss. 


Barndominium financing is an excellent solution for those who want to build their barndo but lack the requisite funds. You can apply for a loan with a local bank or lending company. 

Newton Savings Bank

Newton Savings Bank has been operating in the state since 1855 and offers Construction and Permanent Loans to borrowers. 

Dime Bank

Dime Bank was founded in 1869 and has multiple branches across the state. The bank offers construction loans to residents of Connecticut and Rhode Island. 

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Getting the services of the best builder in your area is the best way to build your barndominium if you want it done quickly. Experienced builders can ensure that you have a durable barndo and that your design gets appropriately executed.

CB Structures Inc.

CB Structures Inc. is a barndominium builder with offices in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. However, they also serve residents in the state of Connecticut. 

Pine Creek Construction LLC.

Pine Creek Construction is a builder specializing in garages, pole barn homes, pavilions, etc. The company serves the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the country, including Connecticut. 

You can also use our list of the best barndominium builders that handle construction projects across the country if there are no available builders in your area. 

Kit Provider

If you plan on building a barndo on your own, ensure you get your DIY kit from a trusted supplier. Try looking for a local supplier to save on shipping costs. You can also look for recommendations on our Facebook page. 

Steeltech Building Products

A company in South Windsor that supplies pre-engineered buildings to homeowners and general contractors. 

Sunward Steel Buildings

Sunward Steel Buildings is a company in Colorado that supplies pre-engineered steel building kits to multiple states, including Connecticut.

Ironbuilt Steel Buildings

Ironbuilt Steel Buildings has been manufacturing pre-engineered steel buildings for almost 40 years.

If you cannot find a supplier near you, try contacting those in our list of the best suppliers of pre-fab barndominium kits that ship to most states in the US. 


The average cost to build a house in Connecticut is between $312,500 and $675,000. In contrast, a new barndominium will only cost you between $171,000 and $195,000. Barndominium prices can fluctuate depending on the features you want, the size of the building, your location, etc. Use our website’s barndominium cost calculator to estimate how much your barndo might cost.

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Connecticut?

The best places to build a barndominium in Connecticut include Chester, Essex, Cornwall, Kent, and Westport. These are small towns where you can escape the hectic life associated with metropolitan areas. 

3 Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Connecticut

There are some critical factors you need to take into consideration before building your barndominium because they can affect how your barndo looks and the amount of money you need to build it. 

Building materials

Do you favor an all-metal barndominium or a hybrid one that uses metal and wood? Different building materials have different prices, so your choice will affect your overall budget. 

Barndo style

What barndo style are you going for? Do you want a classic barndominium or a modern one? Different styles use different materials. Barndo styles also have varying degrees of complexity, which will affect the cost of your building and the amount of time it will take to build. 

Your lot

Your lot’s size will dictate your barndo because you must consider setback requirements. You don’t want a cramped lot because of trying to fit a huge barndo in a medium-sized lot. 

Is it Worth Building a Barndo in Connecticut?

Yes, it is worth investing in a barndominium in Connecticut. It is a beautiful state, especially in Fall. It is also near metropolitan areas like New Jersey and New York, so you can quickly visit the city if needed. Visit our fantastic collection of barndominium floor plans to motivate you as you plan your barndominium in Connecticut. 

Check our barndominium construction guide to know the steps you need to make as you build that barndominium you’ve always dreamt of.