Building a Barndominium in Arkansas | Best 2024 Guide

Building a custom dream home sounds like something not everyone can achieve due to the steep costs involved. However, alternative housing solutions have become popular among new homeowners in recent years. Among the most popular choices are barndominiums. A barndominium is a simpler construction project that is accessible to more people. Building a barndominium in Arkansas is the perfect way to make your dream home come true.

Can You Build a Barndominium in Arkansas?

Yes, you can! In terms of logistics, there are contractors who can help you build your barndominium in Arkansas. Barndo living in Arkansas is perfect because the whole state has a small-town atmosphere, even in the big cities.

Arkansas Barndominiums Overview

With many open spaces and rural areas, the barndominium lifestyle fits perfectly in Arkansas. Affordable cost of living and low property taxes are among the things that attract outsiders to the state. In the past, barndominiums were barns that were repurposed as houses. Today, barndominiums refer to any house that has a barn-like exterior. They are built from metal frames, wood, or a mix of both. 

You can look into our Barndominium 101 Guide for a more in-depth understanding of these types of buildings. We also have a Facebook page where you can find a variety of barndo-related content.

Advantages and Disadvantages

We must look into both advantages and disadvantages to ensure we make informed decisions.


  • Cost-effective – The main advantage of barndominiums is that they are cost-effective housing alternatives. This is because of the materials used and the way they are constructed. Paired with the low cost of living in Arkansas, your wallet would thank you for going with this plan.
  • Customizability – Another thing that draws people to barndos is that they can be easily customized. Due to the main structure standing independent of the interior walls, you can choose a floor plan that fits your lifestyle.
  • Functionality – Barndos are often multi-functional. The spacious nature of barndos means that you can have extra spaces for alternative purposes such as an office, storage, or a workshop. It’s up to you to decide.
  • Energy efficiency – A notable characteristic of barndos is that they are well insulated with spray foam insulation. This is perfect for the climate in Arkansas, where they have cool winters and warm summers since you wouldn’t have to spend much on utilities such as heating and air conditioning.  


  • Financing may be limited – Most financing institutions don’t technically recognize barndominiums as houses, so they may be unable to provide financial help. However, farming and agricultural financial institutions can assist you.
  • The resale market may be limited – Although gaining popularity, barndos don’t appeal to the mass market as much as traditional houses. With that said, it may be difficult to sell a barndominium.
  • Limited exterior designs – If the exterior of your house is essential to you, this may be a disadvantage. Living in a building that looks like a barn may be a slight turn-off. However, there are creative ways to work around this. Check out our Pinterest account for great exterior design ideas for your barndominium.


In building an Arkansas barndominium, your builder will take care of the permits and inspections involved in the building process for you. Your builder must abide by the statewide building codes. Additionally, because Arkansas codes are adopted and enforced locally, local jurisdictions may have additional construction code requirements. Inquire with your builder about the ideal time to schedule an inspector if you decide to hire your own.


Residential property in Arkansas is taxed at the state, county, municipal, and school district levels. Taxes are calculated using the market value or appraised value of the property. The market value, or the price of the home if it were to be sold on the open market, is equal to the appraised value. However, tax rates only apply to assessed value, not appraised value. The assessed value in Arkansas cannot rise by more than 5% in a year. Therefore, the evaluated value can only increase by 5% even if the market value doubles. 

Arkansas typically has lower property taxes than most other states. Only 0.61% is the statewide average effective property tax rate, ranking it the 12th lowest in the nation. You would have to check with your county’s local tax assessor because barndominium taxes vary per county.


Building a barndominium is a big investment, and it is essential to protect it against common risks with insurance. According to Bankrate, the common causes of insurance claims in Arkansas include earthquakes, hail and wind damage, and burglary. It would be helpful to discuss common risks in your area with a local agent to make sure they are covered in your barndominium insurance.


To alleviate the costs involved in building your dream home, financial institutions are of great help. You can look into your options for barndominium financing from our suggestions below.

Farm Credit

Members adore Farm Credit construction loans because they combine the construction loan and final permanent mortgage into one closing, saving you both time and money.

New Century Bank

They are a national lender providing mortgages on new construction and permanent homes for alternative housing, including barndominiums.


Finding the right builder to work with is essential in helping you materialize your dream house. Go for builders who are experienced in barndo construction and have great feedback from past clients. Below are some of our recommended barndominium builders.

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NWA Metal Buildings

NWA Metal Buildings constructs metal buildings for use in a range of commercial and residential applications. They have a Better Business Bureau certification and consistently maintain an A+ rating.

American Barn Builders

Whether it’s a pole barn or a Barndominium, their skilled workers will travel to Arkansas to build your dream home. They are one of the top manufacturers of metal buildings based in Tennesee, with excellent client testimonials.

Arkansas Barndominium Pros

The team of specialists at Arkansas Barndominium Pros specializes in creating metal homes. They are known for providing a wide range of services and are capable of building your barndo project.

ICC Builders, Inc.

Based in Vilonia, Arkansas, ICC Builders, Inc. is a commercial and residential construction company. They focus on residential custom home construction, such as barndominiums.

Morton Buildings

They have a location in Mayflower, AR, and can help you build barndominium projects throughout multiple counties in the state.

To widen your search, we listed the top barndominium builders who can serve virtually all states across the US. 

Kit Providers 

If you are looking to lower construction costs more, one great option is to purchase pre-fabricated barndominium kits, which can be delivered to your location, and you can take care of the rest of the work. Below are recommended kit providers that can deliver in Arkansas.

Encore Steel Building Co.

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Encore Steel has produced metal building kits over the years. Numerous local companies have received metal building kits from Encore Steel.

Metal Building Shop

They can make the most of your steel building kit because they are native Arkansans familiar with the local environment and building codes. Their structures are pre-engineered to meet your area’s building regulations and wind-speed requirements.

ICC Builders Inc.

Mentioned as a builder earlier, ICC builders can also provide pre-fab kits for your barndo project. They are based in Vilonia, Arkansas.

For more options, we have listed the best barndominium kit providers that can deliver to most US states, including Arkansas. Our Facebook group, with members who are current barndo owners, may also be able to give recommendations on where to purchase kits.


According to Redfin, the median price for their listed homes in Arkansas is $300,000, and the average price per square foot is $143. Barndominium prices hinge on several things, like the complexity of design and the features you want on your home. Homeblue estimates that the price range of a barndo in Little Rock, Arkansas ranges from $68 to $77 per square foot. 

To factor in the specifics of your own barndo build, you can use our barndominium cost calculator to get a closer estimate.

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Arkansas?

Choosing where to erect your home is a personal choice. Many things come into consideration, like the local community, lifestyle, and the distance to your workplace. Fortunately, Arkansas offers many options, especially if you are drawn by nature and the rural ambiance. Small towns are often the best picks for barndo living. Bentonville, Cammack Village, Fayetteville, Centerton, and Little Flock are amongst the best places to build a barndo.

Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Arkansas


The summers in Arkansas can be pretty humid. Although a barndo provides excellent protection from the elements, it can get pretty hot and sticky when you leave your house. 

Your lifestyle

Before building a barndo in Arkansas, you must adequately factor in your lifestyle throughout your barndo design. If you plan to expand your family, leave space for future expansion. If you plan to expand your car collection, build a big garage.

Choice of materials

The choice of materials can affect your overall budget, but you must ensure you choose suitable materials for your barndo in Arkansas. You will have to discuss this with a builder well-versed in the local weather conditions throughout the year.

Is it Worth Building a Barndo in Arkansas?

The answer is yes! The pros outweigh the cons of building a barndo in Arkansas. With so much to offer, the barndo life paired with a low cost of living is the ideal way to live. From picture-perfect sceneries and opportunities for adventure to the southern hospitality and laid-back attitude, building a barndo in the state is a great move. 

As you start planning your barndo project, you can take a look at the various designs of barndominium floor plans. To learn more about building a barndo, we put together an article for the process of building a barndominium. The barndo life awaits you!