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Breathtaking Lodge-type House w/ Amazing Interior (HQ Pictures)

Everyone dreams of living in a beautiful house. We don’t just want an astounding exterior but we also want an interior that would represent our aesthetic. This house by Craig Pate Construction offers just that. It is a spacious lodge-type house that boasts so many features that would attract those who set their eyes on it.

You’ll see a wide porch that is just perfect for barbecues even if the weather is bad! Isn’t that perfect for whenever you have guests around? Check out the rooms: the bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen are all spacious enough for you to easily accommodate and entertain anyone who wishes to visit.

Inside, high ceilings, wood flooring, and muted colored walls exhibit a comfortable atmosphere. The furnishings have just the right tinge of antiquity and modernism. There’s enough space for storage of all your knick-knacks and bric a bracs, especially if you’re a hobbyist.

The living room is impressively arranged

Now if you want to embrace beauty and be a part of it, this house is well-suited for you. Your exquisite taste will be exhibited fairly with the ample space the house provides. Not only that, you’ll be able to invite as many people as you want to admire such masterpiece without worrying if they’ll fit in your house!

The wide porch is well suited for barbecues even when the weather is bad.

Make certain to check if you could get this home built on steel frame or at least with metal siding on it, just to maximize all the benefits that metal provides! Such as: durability, longevity, termite free environment, lower maintenance costs and many more.

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Source: Craig Pate Construction

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