Beautiful Traditional Home w/ Lovely Interior (HQ Plans & Pictures)

What we see here is a beautiful 2007 Georgia Idea House designed by John Tee of Atlanta. By the looks of it, it’s more of a mansion than a house. This is ideal for families who want to eliminate stress brought about by the busy city. Sometimes, all it takes for a complete lifestyle change is a cleaner and more peaceful environment. That is exactly what this beautiful mansion in the woods offers.

The house could easily accommodate a great number of guests should you want to throw parties of any kind. The front facade of the house is already very engaging. It’s almost as if the house is welcoming them with open arms. Strong and stately columns support both the front porch and the balcony above it. The exteriors are a mixture of stone, shingles and lap siding. We’re only talking about the exteriors here.

Step inside and the only colors you will see are shades of brown and white with a hint of green from the beautiful indoor plants. Who wouldn’t feel at home right away in this situation? The dining room is also very interesting. A long comfortable couch is installed on the wall of one side of the dining table in lieu of dining chairs. All rooms are very spacious and the patio, with coherent wooden fixtures, allows you to be one with nature as it reveals the breathtaking view of the forest.

This beautiful mansion can also be built with steel frames for added durability.

Stats: 4,648 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 floors, 2 garage bays, open plan kitchen, dining area, fireplace, walk-in closet, dual sinks, shower, private toilet, porch, deck.

Blue Print Plans: Scroll down below!

Construction ready floor plans: get here.




Source: Southern Living

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