Beautiful Silver Roof Home w/ Steel Construction Porch (HQ Pictures)

Some thoughts that come into mind upon hearing the term farmhouse are “it’s made out of wood”, “it’s simple and functional”,  “it’s a wear and tear house”. These thoughts may be correct if the farmhouse referred to was built in the olden times. However, with technological advancement and freedom of creativity, a farmhouse is designed and built according to the way the owners imagined it to be– merging functionality to beauty.


The pictures posted below show an example of a farmhouse that has merged functionality and beauty.

The newly built farmhouse features a shiny silver metal roof and lovely porch supported with steel posts. The modern details on this classical farmhouse make it unique and beautiful, don’t you think? It has been very popular among our community and if you scroll down below and take a look at the pictures, you will understand why 😉

Please note this home is posted due to inspiration reasons for your future home. The contractors may or may not build this home on steel frames or use metal siding. Even though this a popular option nowadays – make sure to check if these options are available.

Stats: 1,800 sq. ft.

Plans: not available to public, feel free to contact Rauser Design.




Source: Rauserdesign

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