Why & How to Build a Barndominium in Dallas, Texas | 2024 Guide


Are you planning to build in Dallas, Texas? Are you looking for a durable and affordable alternative to traditional buildings? A barndominium is what you are looking for. Barndominiums have been gaining popularity these past few years due to how unique and easy to build they are. So, what exactly are barndominiums, and why should you build one in Dallas, Texas?

This article discusses why you should consider building a barndominium in Dallas, Texas. We will also tell you what you need to consider before building one for your project to proceed without a hitch. 

Main Reasons to Own a Barndominium in Dallas

There are many perks to owning a barndominium in Dallas. Here are some of the reasons that you will surely find appealing. 

Thriving Job Market

Dallas is ideal for settling in if you want to jumpstart your career. The city has a thriving job market, presenting various opportunities for establishing a stable career. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas expects a 5.7% job growth increase in 2023 for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Industries driving the Dallas hob market growth include IT, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, construction, and warehousing. 

Warm Climate

If you want to escape the biting cold winters of the northern states, you will find Dallas a wonderful place to live in. Dallas has a humid subtropical climate similar to the one found in the southern plains of the United States. This means you can expect hot summers and mild winters.  

Reasonable Cost of Living

Although the cost of living in Dallas is 3% higher than the national average, it is pretty reasonable compared to other cities of similar size. Dallas is not included in the top 25 cities with the highest average cost of living in the United States. This makes Dallas an attractive option if you want to live in a large city but are wary of the high cost of living in expensive cities like Los Angeles or Miami. 

No State Income Tax

One of the most attractive aspects of living in Dallas, and the entire state of Texas, is that there is no personal income tax. You don’t need to pay taxes on your income or wages. You don’t have to pay taxes for the money you will get from your Social Security, pension, or retirement. This can help offset the cost of living in Dallas and ensure that your money will go a long way. 

Diverse Culture

Dallas is one of the richest cities when it comes to diversity. It is ranked ninth among the most diverse cities in the United States and is considered a melting pot of various cultures, religions, and lifestyles. 

What does this mean for you? For one, you get to expose yourself to different traditions and beliefs. This is a great way to accumulate innovative ideas and stimulate creativity. You get to experience traditions and other cultures without the hassle of visiting another country.

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Living in a culturally diverse city also means having a wide variety of choices when it comes to food. The numerous restaurants and bars in Dallas serving various dishes from different countries mean you can experience different cuisines whenever you decide to eat out. 

Home to Many Barndominium Builders

Barndominiums are extremely popular in Texas, putting you at a clear advantage. There are many barndominium builders to choose from, so you can go with a builder that offers excellent results at reasonable prices. This also means you get to pick among various floor plans for your barndominium.

Having many builders around can help you build your barndominium faster because it is more likely that there is no wait time. Homeowners living in areas with a limited number of builders often have to wait months because the few builders in their area all have projects lined up. This results in delays in the start of your barndominium construction. It might also force them to hire builders from out of state, who often charge more than local builders. 

Building a barndominium in Dallas

Building a barndominium has many benefits; we will tell you all about them in this section. We will also give you some information about other aspects of building barndominiums that you need to keep in mind.  


  • They can be affordableBarndominiums cost less to build than traditional houses. This is because most barndominiums have simpler designs or layouts than regular houses. Due to their simplicity, they are easier to construct and entail lower labor expenses. However, this comparison is between a basic barndo and a basic traditional home of the same size. A small barndominium with luxury features and finishes will cost more than a similarly-sized basic conventional home. 

    If you rent a temporary place while waiting for your barndo to get built, you can save on rental expenses because a barndo is quicker to build, so you won’t have to rent longer. If you want to increase your savings, you can go for a DIY build and handle the construction yourself. Order a barndominium kit and start your own DIY project. This will drastically reduce your labor expenses. Just ensure you have the time and skills to complete your barndominium. 
  • They are unique – We all want something unique, and what’s more unique than a building that looks like a barn on the outside but is hiding a surprise on the inside? A barndominium lets you have a house that doesn’t look like any other in your neighborhood. Its unique looks will make your barndominium the talk of the town. It will also make for an interesting conversation starter when you get to show it off to friends or family members. Visit our Instagram account for some fantastic design ideas. 
  • They are durable – Barndominiums are durable structures that can last long. The metal frame and shell of a barndominium make it safer during earthquakes because it can bend or deform without breaking. Its metal materials also make it resistant to termites. Just be sure to apply an anti-corrosion coating to prevent rusting that may damage your structure. 
  • They are versatile – Barndominiums are versatile structures. Aside from a residence, you can use it as a warehouse, garage, workshop, or home office. You can even combine different uses to make the most out of your structure. 


  • Location limitations – One of the challenges with building a barndominium is that you cannot build anywhere. Some counties prohibit the construction of metal buildings within the city limits. The best way to ensure that you won’t encounter any issues is by going to the local zoning and building office to check if you can build a barndominium on your property. 
  • Reselling can be challenging – Although barndominiums are excellent alternatives, most homeowners still prefer traditional houses. This can make reselling your barndominium in the future more challenging. Join online groups of barndominium enthusiasts, like our Facebook group, to connect with others who might be interested in acquiring a new property. 


Just like traditional houses, you need to pay property taxes for your barndominium. The amount of barndominium tax you need to pay will depend on the assessed market value of your barndominium. The effective property tax rate for Dallas is $0.217946 for every $100 of assessed value. Head down to the tax assessor’s office to get an accurate computation of your property tax so you know exactly how much you need to pay. 


Although barndominium insurance is not government-mandated, insuring your barndominium is still recommended. However, there are instances when you are required to insure your barndominium, like if you want to finance the construction of your barndominium.  

Barndominium insurance can help you finance repairs if your structure is damaged by fire, accidents, lighting, or wildfire. It also covers injuries that occur within your property. If your barndominium sustains damages beyond repair, you can use your policy to rebuild the structure. 


There is a misconception that you cannot finance a barndominium. This is entirely untrue. This might have stemmed from the experience of some barndominium owners from years ago, wherein some banks were still unfamiliar with barndominiums and were hesitant to offer assistance. You can get barndominium financing from banks and other financial institutions, including a wide selection of programs like the USDA, VA, and FHA loans. 

Local Builders & Kit Providers

One of the best ways to ensure a durable and functional barndominium is by partnering with a trusted builder to help you. Look for a builder with years of experience and impeccable credentials. If you want to hire a local contractor or construct the barndominium by yourself, you have the option of buying a barndominium kit from a well-known supplier. Here are some of the best local barndominium builders and kit providers you might want to consider. 


Builder NameSpecializationLocation
Texas Best ConstructionConstruction of metal buildings, including barndominiums, shops, warehouses, and garages. Read our Texas Best Construction review to learn more about this company, its products, and its services.Red Oak, Texas
Rafter P ConstructionRafter P Construction builds conventional homes, barndominiums, pole barns, hay stalls, carports, metal garages, and metal shops.

Check our review of Rafter P Construction for more information about the company and its services. 
Decatur, Texas
DFW Custom HomesDFW Custom Homes builds barndominiums, townhouses, man caves, and swimming pools throughout Texas.Aledo, Texas
Fortress Metal BuildingsFortress Metal Buildings is a design and build company specializing in metal buildings, including barndominiums.Rockwall, Texas

Kit Providers

Kit ProviderSpecializationLocation
Absolute Steel TexasManufacturer of prefabricated metal building kits for residential and commercial use. Absolute Steel Texas sells kits for barndominiums, garages, agricultural buildings, RV covers, boat covers, etc. Learn more about Absolute Steel Texas in our comprehensive review.Terrell, Texas
Metal Buildings of TexasMetal Buildings of Texas is a barndominium builder and kit provider. However, they only offer turnkey services to customers within a 90-mile radius of Livingston, Texas. Their barndominium kits are available to the entire state of Texas and surrounding areas.
Read our Metal Buildings of Texas review to learn about their other products and services.
Livingston, Texas
Metal DepotsMetal Depots is a Georgia-based company that sells metal building kits. They have a branch in Waller, Texas, where customers can purchase building kits for barndominiums, sheds, garages, and warehouses. Read our Metal Depots review for more information about this company and its products and services.Waller, Texas
Yankee Barn HomesYankee Barn Homes is a New Hampshire-based kit provider that ships kits anywhere in the country. Check out our Yankee Barn Homes review to learn about their products and services.Grantham, New Hampshire

Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Dallas, Texas

Before you start building your barndominium, there are some things that you need to consider to ensure a successful build. First, you need to consider how you want to use your barndominium. Are you aiming for a purely residential structure or a mixed-use building? You need to discuss these essential questions with your chosen home designer so the designer can develop a floor plan that addresses your needs.

Another important consideration is your budget. The features that you want to include in your barndo might be limited by your overall budget. However, working on a limited budget doesn’t mean sacrificing the overall quality of your barndominium. You can work with your chosen builder to look for alternative building materials that are as durable but less expensive. 


Dallas is an ideal place for building a barndominium. It is in a state where barndominiums are extremely popular, so you have your pick among numerous builders and kit providers. Dallas has a thriving job market where you can explore career opportunities to help set you up for life. Although the cost of living is higher than the national average, it is still lower compared to other large cities in the country. Dallas also offers countless opportunities to experience different cultures due to its diverse community. 

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