A full view of the house with a wide path walk to the garage
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Awesome Traditional-Style House for Mid-Sized Family! (Video, Pictures, Plans)

Reliability is an attribute that comes with tradition. That goes the same with this traditional American bungalow fit for a family of three to six. It welcomes guests through a medium-sized insulated glass door to an interior that is highlighted with very high ceiling that allows impressive air circulation.

A full view of the house with a wide path walk to the garage

With a 360-degree wide and open landscape surrounding the property, this house provides occupants and guests a breezy view of the outdoors with its strategically positioned windows. The front porch and the spacious lanai located at the back of the house are good options for resting and viewing as well.

Moreover, this traditional-style residence consists of three bedrooms of different sizes that are located along two stylish bathrooms and a variety of space-friendly storages. It has a ready to use kitchen, complete with upper and lower cabinets and furniture, just right across the dining table. Its living room likewise provides enough space for entertainment. One of its highlights is the attached garage that is capable of keeping more than one 4-wheeled vehicle. The garage size is as impressive as the overall area of the property. The good thing is that this house remains open and flexible to personalized interior design and decoration.

A small island right in the middle of the kitchen

Interested buyers are advised to communicate with the contractor for a detailed orientation about this traditional-style house’s materials, cost and maintenance. Construction through steel/metal frames or metal siding may also be requested to the contractor.

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Check this steel frame house out by Trivett Homes! Awesome, traditional house for mid-sized family! Video, pictures and plans to have a real feel of this house!

Stats: 1,640 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, open plan kitchen, 2 car garage.

Plans: scroll down below.

Cost: start from $179,000 without land!

Source: Trivett Homes


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