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Amazing Treehouses You Could Never Dream About (23 HQ Pictures)

Have you ever dream about treehouse? Probably most of us did. Even the idea of having a secret shelter where we could establish a top-secret club house away from your parents was so exiting. Check getaway inspiration to the place of your childhood dreams.

mirror-cube-treehouse-forest-tree-nature-interior-architectureThe Mirror Cube. Designed by Tham & Vinegard architects, the cube is covered in 4x4x4 metres reflective mirrors. The six windows provide a stunning 360 panoramic view no matter what’s the time of the year. It‘s an exciting hide-out among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings. Sweden’s ‘invisible’ hotel room offers perfect accommodation for two with a large double bed, bathroom, lounge and rooftop terrace to soak in the view. As you can see in pictures towards the Mirror cube tree room leads a 12-meter-long bridge.


Situated in the forested slopes of the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia, Sustainability Treehouse serves as a camp adventure site. Designed by Mithun architects, this amazing building reaches over 100 feet above the forest floor. Not only this living education center is providing an unparalleled view it is also a symbol of environmental stewardship that redefines the relationship between building and landscape. The vertical design minimizes site disturbance, and is inspired by the region’s historic industrial structures and Scouting traditions of pioneering engineering. This interpretive educational facility provides an experience for visitors to explore and understand the site and ecosystem on the different levels of the structure.

Roost Treehouse. It is designed to copy the natural curves found in nature. The purpose was to build a treehouse that could blend in with the surrounding forest. Designed by Antony Gibbon treehouse consists of a series of pod like capsules built using sustainable materials and harnessed to the trunk of each tree using a bracing technique that causes zero damage for the trees growth. The above exterior platform is designed to interact with the forest surroundings providing panoramic views of the trees canopy’s.


Built on a 40-meter-high redwood tree, this treehouse is found in the north of Auckland, New Zealand. Shaped like a cocoon around the tree, the restaurant as well as its a 60m tree-top walkway, is illuminated by warm-colored lights at night. The Redwoods Treehouse is a unique and versatile venue. The pod itself holds 30 guests at seated tables or 50 guests for a stand-up function. “It’s the treehouse we all dreamed of as children but could only do as an adult fantasy” say Pacific Environments Architects Ltd.


Situated in Canada’s Bruce Peninsula forest E’terra Samara Retreat is a five-star eco resort that consists of twelve different treehouse villas. The treehouse is suspended and it appears as if it is hugging the tree. Design was inspired by the shape of a samara, a propeller-like seed capsule that falls from maple trees in autumn.


Tree in the House. The structure is camouflaged among the trees in the mountainous city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. It is a transparent cylindrical volume with an empty core, where a towering tree rises from the space. The translucent rotunda substitutes windows for walls, limiting privacy but allowing for a continuous panorama and unbounded sunlight. At the rim of the glass frame, a minimal, white staircase coils from the ground floor to the roof, granting a 360° perspective while ascending the column.


La Casa Del Arbol. This unique treehouse has a small swing set that soars high over the Ecuadorian city of Banos. The view from up here alone is worth the hiking trip to Bellavista at 2,660 meters above sea level. It offers visitors a glimpse of the edge of the world.  As the name suggests it’s a small house built in a tree, at the edge of a canyon.

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The Enchanted Forest Treehouse. A three level treehouse, probably the tallest treehouse in British Columbia, Canada. It is supported by several tree trunks and has a long spiraling staircase connecting all the levels. The Enchanted Forest is a unique attraction in one of the oldest forests in Monashee mountains. 5b87263ee320c17b866beabb2deb7d1d http-%2f%2fcdn-coresites-factorymedia-com%2fmpora_new%2fwp-content%2fuploads%2f2014%2f09%2ftreehouse-santa-monica

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