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Amazing Metal Building Garage

The word amazing is undoubtedly fitting to describe this metal building garage by Morton Buildings. Drenched in pantone green, its exterior walls and roof are matched by brown roll-down doors and columns. White rocks accentuate the lower part of the garage. This metal garage looks like a duplex from the outside, only that the other half’s ceiling is a tad bit higher than the opposite side.

Two roll up doors take the limelight

Looking from afar, it emits the visualization that the higher side can house bigger cars or machinery. Meanwhile, the smaller side gives out the idea that it can be a living area or a venue where people can lounge around and take a breather from the myriad of things that can keep you preoccupied inside. Care to have some coffee on the other side? Why not?

Deliberately positioned as it is, this amazing and pantone green-colored metal building garage is surrounded by skillfully laid lawn and trees. Its color perfectly harmonizes with its surrounding, making you feel like it can camouflage and disappear any minute from now. Amidst its charming simplicity lies the vibe that is delicately made and structured neatly up to the tiniest detail there is.

You can never go wrong with green and brown combo

The floor is yours to store things up to your heart’s content! This metal garage building is perfect to house your cars, gears, and other equipment. Maximize the floor area by putting up things that can be mounted on the wide walls. Occupy the entire floor with medium to large apparatuses, that being said, you can freely move around inside this marvelous metal garage. What are you waiting for? Take a peek inside!

Stats: 60’W x 16’H x 53’L + 60’W x 12’H x 45’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B091032375

Source: Morton Buildings


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