A Quick Look at Fan’s Metal Cabin in Missouri (4 Pictures)

If solitude and peace of mind are what you are after, then a home surrounded by nature is the right one for you. This metal cabin in Missouri sent to us by Michael J. is perfect for families who want to spend a lot of time outdoors. The fields and trees surrounding the cabin merely added to its natural appeal. The cabin’s exterior is painted in a shade of brown, which complements with the surrounding nature. It also gives the cabin a mysterious character that will certainly pull a lot of attention.

If the house appears to be quite simple on the outside, its interior speaks modern and convenience. The cabin has two bedrooms, which can be used as the master’s bedroom and one guest room. It also has two full baths, and a laundry/mud room. It has a total area of 14’ x 60’, which is perfect for a family of four. The house is equipped with the basic furniture pieces such as the sofa and overhead cabinets. It also has the necessary appliances like refrigerator, microwave oven, and more.

The cabin took about ten months to complete and the result is what we exactly imagined it to be. The time and effort exerted in building it are certainly worth it. The cabin feels homey and peaceful. It is perfect for families!

If you are looking for a practical and comfortable home to live in, coupled with a touch of nature in the surroundings, then this metal cabin located in Missouri is definitely a top choice.

Stats: 14′ x 60′.
Plan: not shared by the fan.

Price: not shared publicly either.


The cabin is situated in a peaceful and tranquil surroundings, which is a perfect place for relaxation and self meditation.
 This cabin Missouri is best small and medium-sized family.
It’s simple and plain on the outside, but modern and practical in the inside.


It has a homey and cosy ambience inside.

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