6 Tips For Your Shelf Decorating


We all know that shelves is common interior detail in any interior. To make Your shelves look stylish make sure to follow these hints:


  1. Be honest to Yourself. First of all You have to be strict while choosing the details You want to display in order to get the best result. Be cruel and courageous to remove all the stuff that does not match Your interior .
  2. Use books. That‘s why shelfs were made for!
  3. Do not forget something personal. A few lovely and simple picture frames to bring back memories are vital.
  4. Decorate with plants. Just a small piece of greenery can jazz up the whole composition.
  5. Try out boxes. This decorating item could not only be practical for storing important keepsakes, but they also allow you to bring in different texture to give your shelves more depth and variaty.
  6. Throw in variety of details: different size of cendles, vases, glass jars, metalic accents to boost your design.
  7. Do not give up. If the composition at the first sight does not look perfectly try to play with your shelf layout, snap a photo of it on your phone for reference and then try another set up with the same items until you find the perfect mix.

Here are some examples to waken up Your Creativity. Good Luck!

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