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How Much Does a 36×36 Concrete Slab Cost in 2024

Concrete slabs are standard fixtures in almost any construction project. This is because they are versatile structures and can function as floors, roofs, driveways, and walkways. A 36×36 concrete slab is ideal for flooring a decent-sized barndominium or large workshop. 

Before making a concrete slab, knowing how much money you need to have at hand is essential. Computing a concrete slab’s cost entails knowing about its characteristics and features. You also need to familiarize yourself with the costs of different building materials to make an accurate computation. 

This article aims to equip you with the basic knowledge to accurately compute a 36×36 concrete slab’s cost. 

What Factors Determine the Cost of a 36×36 Concrete Slab?

The cost of a concrete slab hinges on multiple factors. One factor is the size of the slab you are making. A 36×36 concrete slab has a total area of 1,296 square feet. This is a large slab requiring a large number of building materials. A large project like this takes longer to complete, so expect to pay more labor costs. 

The site of your concrete slab also affects cost. If the site is remote or hard to reach, labor rates may increase since contractors often charge more for working on sites where access is an issue. You also need to consider the condition of the site. If the site is uncleared and littered with rocks, weeds, and rubbish, you need to have it cleared before making the concrete slab. If you are building a barndominium or pole barn home on uneven ground, you must have the site leveled. Flat and even ground is ideal for building because it makes the structure more stable. 

How Much Does a 36×36 Concrete Slab Cost?

Let us now discuss the characteristics of concrete slabs and how they affect costs. 

Per Thickness

Concrete slabs can be thin or thick. When do you need a thick one, and when is a thin one enough? You need a thick slab if the concrete slab is intended to bear heavy loads, like flooring for a workshop or garage that houses heavy vehicles. A thick 36×36 concrete slab won’t easily crack or break despite the enormous weight bearing down on it. If you plan to build an outdoor grill, a thin slab should suffice as its base. You can also use a thin slab as a base for a garden bench or flooring of a patio.  

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ThicknessCost per square foot
4 inches $5.35
5 inches  $5.80
6 inches $6.20 
8 inches$7
This table shows the average cost per square foot of a concrete slab in 2023 depending on their thickness (1)


Inclusions are the materials and pieces of equipment you need to make a basic concrete slab. An excellent example of inclusion is a reinforcing bar or rebar. A rebar helps a concrete slab take form. It also improves the tensile strength of a concrete slab, so it lasts longer. If you are making a thick concrete slab, a rebar is your best option. You can use a melded wire mesh instead of rebar for thin concrete slabs. It acts the same way as a rebar but is thinner and cheaper. Although a wire mesh won’t be as strong as a rebar, it will make a concrete slab strong enough for non-load-bearing purposes. 

Inclusion Cost 
Site preparation                $1-$2 per square foot (2)
Concrete Rebar $1.40 – $1.85 per 2 feet (3)
Wire Mesh$0.28 per square foot (4)
The table shows the average costs of concrete slab inclusions in 2023. 

With Additional Features

While most concrete slabs are plain, adding features for specific purposes is possible. For example, if your floor plan includes a basement, you can add features to a 36×36 concrete slab to make it more suitable for basement flooring. A common add-on for this type of concrete slab is vapor barriers. A vapor barrier prevents moisture from seeping from the ground and the concrete slab. This is crucial since basements are notorious for being damp and moist. Moisture can promote the growth of mold and mildew that may result in health issues for a building’s occupants. Moisture can also cause damage to the items in a basement. 

Features Cost
Vapor barrier $0.50-$0.70 per square foot (5)
Stamped concrete$9 – $20 per square foot, inclusive of materials (6)
Stained concrete$2 – $4 per square foot, staining only (7)
This table shows the average costs of extra features of concrete slabs.

36×36 Concrete Slab Cost Breakdown

This section tackles the breakdown of the individual costs of making a concrete slab. 

Concrete Bag Cost Estimate

Making a 36×36 concrete slab involves using bags of concrete mix. Concrete mix costs around $4.50 – $27 per bag (9). The difference in pricing depends on the size of the bags and the type of mixture they contain. 

Labor Cost Estimate

Making a concrete slab measuring 1,296 square feet is challenging as a DIY project, so you need to hire professionals to do it for you. Labor rates are around $2 – $3 per square foot but can be higher if you hire veteran contractors (10). If you make a concrete slab in building a barndominium, you might not need to worry about labor costs since they will be included in the barndominium cost computation. 

Truck Cost Estimate

You can get wet concrete delivered at around $125 – $133 per cubic yard (11). This is a more sensible option for large projects since it can help save time, ensuring you complete a project quickly. It also ensures that you are using properly-mixed concrete during construction. Depending on the location of your site, some suppliers may add fuel surcharges of around $40 – $50 per truckload (8). 

How Do You Calculate the Cost for a 36×36 Concrete Slab?

Now that we have covered the basics, we will guide you in computing a 36×36 concrete slab’s cost. We will present you with the multiple price cost averages you can use to compute costs using several methods. 

According to this calculator, a 6-inch thick 36×36 concrete slab will use 24 cubic yards of concrete. We are adding a 10% wastage allowance so that you will need 26.4 cubic yards of wet concrete. The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association places the cost of a cubic yard of concrete at $137 (11). This means that 26.4 cubic yards of concrete cost $3,616.8.

concrete volume estimate for 36x36 slab
Concrete volume estimate for 36×36 slab

Let us compute the cost of your concrete slab per square foot. We mentioned that a 36×36 concrete slab is equal to 1,296 square feet. Making one square foot of 6-inch thick concrete costs $6.20 (1). This means that you will spend around $8,838 to make a 36×36 concrete slab. This computation includes the 10% wastage allowance we used earlier. 

Should You DIY or Hire a Contractor for Your 36×36 Concrete Slab Project?

Although it can be more expensive, we recommend hiring a contractor to make a 1,296-square-foot concrete slab. Professionals know how to make durable concrete slabs that last years without breaking. This can make your structure last and protect your investment in financing your barndominium or pole barn home. 


Computing the cost of a concrete slab is useful since it can help you prepare accurate budgets. Using the computations we outlined above, you can compute the costs of concrete slabs no matter what size they are. You can also calculate concrete slab costs if you plan on adding extra features. For more articles about barndominiums, pole barn homes, shouses, and shipping container homes, follow our Facebook page


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