1845 Barndominiums – In-depth Contractor Review (Are they worth it?)

A light-colored barndominium with small glass windows, a porch, and a red door. Two white chairs sit invitingly on the porch, surrounded by a lush and expansive lawn.
A lovely light grey barndomnium. Image via

Your choice of builder plays a pivotal role when building a barndominium. An expert barndominium builder can give you your money’s worth and ensure that your investment is well-placed. They can work with you to ensure that you have a barndo that looks precisely how you envisioned it. 1845 Barndominiums is one such builder. 

This article tells you everything you need to know about this builder. We will showcase their expertise, tell you about their history, and give you a glimpse of what previous customers have to say about them.



1845 Barndominiums is a builder based in Hallsville, Texas. The company services customers in East Texas. It is a sister company of MBM Metal Building, also based in Hallsville. The company has over 30 years of experience in drafting and design, plus another 40 years of experience erecting metal buildings.  

A light-colored barndominium with small glass windows, a porch, and a red door. Two white chairs sit invitingly on the porch, surrounded by a lush and expansive lawn.
A lovely light grey barndomnium. Image via

Products and Services  

Here are some of the products and services that 1845 Barndominiums offers. 

Pre-made floor plans

1845 Barndominiums sells pre-made floor plans. This is an excellent opportunity if you want to build a barndominium and are looking for something other than a custom build. You can browse through the company’s collection of pre-made floor plans and choose one that appeals to you. You can use their floor plans whether you’re building a pole barn home, barndo, or shouse. 

A black single barndominium with small glass windows and a porch, featuring a sleek black door. The building is set against a backdrop of a wide and lush lawn, creating a modern and stylish rural scene
A sleek black barndominium. Image via

Design services

1845 Barndominiums offers design services if you want a barndominium built specifically to cater to your needs. The company will assign you a design expert to help you develop the custom floor plan that you have in mind. You can also bring a floor plan and have them modify it if you have a special requirement, like adding a mud room or a walk-in closet to the master bedroom.  

A white and grey barndominium with small glass windows and a porch, featuring a small chair for relaxing. The building is situated on a wide and lush lawn, offering a tranquil rural setting.
A white and grey barndominium. Image via

General contracting

Once you have settled on a design, 1845 Barndominiums can take care of the actual construction of your barndo. However, their general contracting services are only available to customers building in the area within 80 miles of Hallsville. 


1845 Barndominiums does not provide information about how much their barndominiums cost. They mention on the website that giving an estimate is difficult because of the constantly fluctuating prices of building materials. However, the company has information about the pricing of their floor plans. 

Their basic floor plan is priced at $500. 1845 Barndominiums’ basic plan is an 11×17 PDF floor plan detailing the dimensions, exterior elevations, room sizes, and overall square footage. This will be enough for you to use when speaking with a contractor. You can also use them when applying for barndominium financing. There are other higher price packages depending on the number of details the floor plan contains and the number of changes or revisions you can ask for.

Their most expensive package is their Custom Floor Plan Construction Set which is priced at $500 for the preliminary plus $.50 per square foot. This package includes consultations with their design experts and two rounds of revisions. You can check 1845 Barndominium’s website for a complete list of what is included in their different design packages. 

Client Testimonials

“I had a great experience with 1845 Barndominiums.” Business Review

Payton McGarvey. Source: Google

“Your homes look awesome! Thank you for providing the info in your videos.”

Stephen Edmundson. Source: Facebook

Advantages and Disadvantages

We’re sure you are curious to know what makes 1845 Barndominiums stand out, so let’s analyze the benefits and drawbacks of working with them. 


Wide range of available floor plans – The company has a diverse selection of floor plans, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. What we like about 1845 Barndominiums’ floor plans is that it is easy to find what you need because they are organized. They separate their floor plans depending on the number of bedrooms, so you can skip the single or two-bedroom floor plans if you are looking to build a three-bedroom barndominium. 

Some of the company’s floor plans also have video tours. This is very helpful since you can see what a barndo built using a specific floor plan looks like. What’s great about these video tours is that they don’t just show the different areas of a barndo; these videos have guides that discuss the different rooms and their features so you can better appreciate a particular floor plan. 

Detailed design packages – The company provides very detailed design packages, so you know precisely what you are getting and how much you need to pay. This is something you don’t often see with other companies since most just tell you to contact them to discuss the cost of their services.

They tell you if the package includes electrical and plumbing plans, custom door, and window sizes and locations, custom HVAC and water heater locations, etc. They also have information on the pricing of add-ons like a finished loft, porch, carport, and shop designs. 

A red and black two-story barndominium with small glass windows, set against a bold and eye-catching rural scene
A two-story red and black barndominium. Image via

Design-and-build – 1845 Barndominiums is a design-and-build company that can handle all aspects of construction from the design phase up to construction and finishing. What’s great about this is that you only have to deal with one company throughout all stages of building your barndominium. It can save you time since there’s no need to search for, interview, and hire separate companies. There will also be better communication between the design and building teams since they belong to the same company.  

A single story white barndominium with small glass windows, featuring a brown door and a porch. A black car is parked on the right side of the building, set against a backdrop of a wide and lush lawn.
A simple yet elegant single story white barndominium. Image via

YouTube Channel – 1845 Barndominiums has an informative YouTube Channel. When you watch their YouTube videos, you can better appreciate their floor plans. These videos are also helpful since they discuss the different custom features they made for clients and their benefits. You can get ideas on other features you can include in your barndo to make it more functional.  


Limited service area – Currently, 1845 Barndominiums only builds in areas within 80 miles of Hallsville, so you might be unable to avail of their general contracting services if you are located elsewhere. You can still purchase their floor plans or custom design services. However, you’ll have to hire a separate contractor to complete the construction of your barndominium. 

Should You Choose 1845 Barndominiums?

Yes, 1845 Barndominiums is an excellent choice if you want to build a barndominium within their service area. They are a design-and-build company, so you only need to hire one company for all your construction needs. If you already have a general contractor in mind, 1845 Barndominiums sells floor plans you can readily use.

They can also custom-design a floor plan if you want something unique. Follow our Facebook page to learn about other building companies and the pros and cons of metal building homes, shouses, shipping container homes, prefab houses, and other interesting metal structures. 


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