Very Well Planned Farmhouse w/ Many Features (HQ Plans & Pictures)

Having a farm house is a dream of many. That becomes a wilder dream if it looks exactly this way.

This farmhouse will make you want to instantly possess it. The layout is obviously well-planned, and its features are brilliantly crafted. The mere glimpse of the outside area will already make you long to be its dweller. The external paint is well-blended—white and slate gray. Once you start to see the marvels of its interior, you’d fall in love deeper. You’ll realize how much more you need to renovate your house, and you’ll start to visualize the possibilities of crafting your dream abode. Everything about the house is smartly done. Each corner is carefully laid out—from the choice of lights to the pieces of furniture to the selection of materials. It’s a huge property to own, and you’ll never get tired of it.

It already looks good on regular timber frame. However, you can make it even sturdier if you have it built on high quality steel frame and metal sidings. Feel free to ask your contractor for these options. Surely, these will help you achieve not just an aesthetically wonderful house but an undoubtedly durable one as well.

Stats: 2,276 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. More details and features in the plans below.

Blue Print Plans: Scroll down below!

Construction ready floor plans: get here.






Source: Dongardener

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