Very Simple 30 x 50 Metal Pole Barn Home in Oklahoma (HQ Pictures)

A home is not something you build for others to admire; it is something you build for yourself and your family to have your personal space and convenience in your day-to-day living. This simple yet comfortable and cozy metal home in Oklahoma is the perfect model to base on.

With its neat and simple facade, you can’t help but be surprised with its exquisitely beautiful interior. This humble abode radiates simplicity with an exceptional elegance in the inside. From its comfortable living room, stunning kitchen with a touch of modern appliances, homey bedrooms to its separate garage, everything is just perfectly put together as one smashing work of art.

A rural life documentary is initiated by certain group of people with their blogĀ Black Fox Homestead. They have beenĀ making uproars in the world of social media since 2012 with their rural journey featuring this lovely metal barn home. Check out their blog to know more of their journey featuring this lovely metal barn home.

Feel free to contact the contractor to have your very own metal home building!

Stats: 30 x 50, 1500 sq. ft.
Plan: owners do not share it publicly, feel free to contact them.



Source: Black Fox Homestead

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