Unique Farmhouse for Mid-Size Family w/ Porch (HQ Plans & Pictures)

Sala Architects have clearly done a wonderful job on the Holly Ridge Farmhouse. The slightest of fleeting glimpses at the property and you feel as though you have spotted an oasis of calm. After all, it is not only the property itself but the settings around it that are completely captivating. Of course, given its farm site location, the property itself blends in perfectly, giving off an unmistakable sense of grandeur.

A great advantage of this home is the fact that it suits a wide variety of prospects. First up, it would definitely be ideal for any small family. Yet, even if you are a single person living by yourself, you will really not feel alone here! This is especially true since whether you are a family or just you on your own, your family and friends can come together on this property with complete ease and comfort!

There is clearly a lot of effort that has gone into the making of this property, with eco-friendliness being at its center. Further, its design standards are such that they take into consideration the ecosystem of the area. No doubt, sustenance has been pivotal when it comes to efforts of the architects on the property; no surprises then that they are proud recipients of the Wisconsin Green Built Home certification!

Stats: 3060 sq. feet (1080 sq. ft. basement), 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 floors, open porch, screen porch.

Plans: scroll down below!

Ballpark price: hard to estimate for this one, to stay clear from any disinformation please contact Sala Architects for precise numbers. 



Source: Sala Architects

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