Traditional American Ranch Style Home (HQ Plans & Pictures)

If you want a spacious living area for you and your family, this is the perfect place for you! This beautiful piece of architecture is a traditional American ranch style home that embodies the American spirit but still keeps up with modernization.

It has a wide open space and even has an adjoining garage that can fit up to 3 cars.  It has a covered porch and deck that create a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation whenever there’s a get-together with friends and families. Or you can even just sit still and enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds this home. Inside, the house has 2 floors with 3 bedrooms plus a bonus room. You can use and decorate it however you want as it has ample space to be converted to another bedroom or even into a studio.

This house already offers all the advantages of your ideal house. And it has even more to offer. By using metal siding, you can go even further and lessen your yearly maintenance cost for your living space. That would certainly ease your burden and keeps you worry free or at least worry less. Indeed, this makes this house the embodiment of what you want and need, all in one!

With its American architecture and apparent beauty, nothing else could go wrong with this model. However, if you want an added spice of durability and style, you can also get this built on steel frames. You can also place metal siding which looks great and saves your money and time on annual maintenance. Besides these, everything else could be perfect.


Stats: 2694 sq. feet (living area only), 2 floors, 3 bedrooms. More info and features in the plans below!
Blueprint plans: scroll down below!

Construction ready plans: click here.


Source: House Plans

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