Sweet Full-Package Farmhouse w/ Garage & Porch! (11 HQ Pictures)

A pastel-colored farmhouse with a monochromatic hue sweetly stands wide and tall in a peaceful neighborhood. Shaded by a large tree nearby and its combination of double-hung and small box windows, the property exudes a desire for exclusivity and privacy. However, its open-air balcony makes up for the cover and pleasantly allows an opportunity for connections as well. Designed in a warm and modern farmhouse fashion, the property also showcases a wooden entrance of the garage.

Moreover, this full-package farmhouse offers semi-furnished interiors that include the living room, the dining area, and the kitchen. With sophisticated choices of home furniture and decors, this house successfully provides a free and dainty flavor. Some spaces are left blank for the creative design genius of interested buyers. The house is designed primarily for space appreciation as seen on the organized positioning of the rooms and high ceiling, which also promotes good ventilation.

Interestingly, a cozy porch and a semi-covered lanai adjacent to the spacious backyard are two of the best surprises of the house. Themed with apparent gusto to wood usage, it successfully becomes the house’s hidden charm. Also, feel free to communicate with the contractor to inquire about the inclusion of steel/metal frames or metal siding for construction.

This is a stylish looking farmhouse  by Breezwood Development. This home feels and looks very attractive. Both exterior and interior designs shine beautifully to welcome mid-to-large family. We recommend to find out if the builders can erect this model on steel frame due to many benefits it holds. Ask the contractor for this durable alternative.


Stats:  3200 sq. feet , 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 floors, garage, porch.

Plans: not available to public, feel free to contact the contractor.




Source: Breezwood Development

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