Stunning Metal Cabana

This stunning and beautifully structured metal cabana can actually make you feel like you are living the life of the rich and famous as the exterior and the location resembles that of a celebrity’s rest house. The cabana is a sturdy metal with five main entrances and has two windows in the porch area. The five main entrances lead to the inside of the garage which is spacious enough to accommodate up to five cars. The garage takes up the entire first floor of the metal building; however, at one of the corners is a lounging area with a couch and two rocking chairs where you can relax and rest for a while. A small table with four chairs is also placed near the stairs leading to the second floor. The second floor of the is an open space area where you can also rest. Morton Buildings certainly did a great job with this one.


A few meters from the garage is a stunning pool area. The swimming pool has a free shape with a sprinkler at one side. It is a perfect for a small party and the likes. Just beside the swimming pool is the covered, open space dining area. The dining area has two six-seaters rectangular table placed side by side. There is also a sink at the northeast corner where you can wash your hands before and after the meal. But the pool is not the only stunning feature of this cabana as during night time; the dim lighting gives the entire area a romantic feel which is perfect for dinner dates between couples. Also, if the nights are getting cold, you can still enjoy the sight outside by relaxing around the outdoor fire pit. It is also the perfect spot for star gazing!


Stats:  40’W x 12’H x 60’L + 24’W x 9’H x 12’L
Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B143022978 + B143025182





Source: Morton Buildings

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