Stunning Farmhouse w/ 1890’s Flavour & Detached Garage (9 Pictures)

Anyone would be delighted to own and occupy a beautiful farmhouse conceptualized and designed with much inspiration from the late 1800s! Occupants are taken to a timeless journey to the classic roots of American architecture, which appears to have maintained its demand and utter relevance up to this day. With two main concepts in mind, the contractor aims to project practical occupation and recreation in this particular design for would-be property owners.

Fit for a family that consists of  three to six members, this aesthetically designed farmhouse allows enough space for individuality, as well as areas for fellowship. These areas include a cozy spot in the fireplace, a spacious kitchen, a wide porch and a flexible room for entertainment. Also, the farmhouse includes a detached garage located just a few meters away from the main property, which is still visible from the property’s front view as seen in one of the photos below. The area in between this stunning house and its similarly designed garage and its overall open space potentially offer a wide feasible location for outdoor parties and gatherings once occupied.

For a more detailed description of the property’s materials and its floor plan, please contact the contractor for a complete pitch. If you want this house idea to be extra durable, further ask the contractor if it can be designed with steel/metal frames or steel siding.

This lovely farmhouse with historical flavour of 1890’s is brought to you by Brewster Thornton. Indeed a nice farmhouse to draw inspiration from!

Stats: 2,713 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, game room, open plan kitchen, detached garage, porch.

Plans: the contractor does not provide floor plans to ensure protection of his clients.



Source: Brewster Thornton

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