Practical Poolside Metal Garage

Are you looking for a metal garage architecture that resembles that of a countryside resort? Well, this practical poolside metal garage from Morton Buildings will surely inspire you. This metal garage is the perfect structure for you if you plan to have a swimming pool in your property. Not only is this metal building durable and very spacious, but it is also really aesthetically appealing and blends well with the surrounding. The garage has off-white walls and a beige colored roof. The light colors are a good contrast to the bright green background of trees and grass. On one side of the garage are two beach chairs that overlook the pool where you can relax and sunbathe if you would like to. A perfect spot indeed!

Inside the garage is a fusion of metal and wood. The walls are still made of durable metal, but the foundations are mostly made from high-quality wood materials. Also, the wooden base and columns are merely stained to give the interior a classic feel. It is an excellent choice as compared to painting the wood materials and then losing its natural beauty. The wooden stairs are also placed at the far end of the garage; this leads to the second floor of the building where you can see a table and some chairs. This can serve as a makeshift place for resting and lounging.

Also, if you want to have a small family gathering, the lawn outside the garage will be the perfect area. You can enjoy good talks while having a great view of the pool.


Stats:  30’W x 16’H x 30’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B142031780



Source: Morton Buildings

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