Picturesque Metal Hobby Garage

You might jump in and say that this is photoshoped, definitely not!  This white-washed metal hobby garage by Morton Buildings is just picturesque as it can be. Plain and simple yet elegant, straightforward with a color scheme that is typical yet beautiful, and a hobby garage so stunning that you would not want to leave! Nestled alone in a wide array of lawn, this hobby garage if perfect for anybody who loves space. The vast horizon that lies outside complements the tranquility that envelopes this place.

The exterior of this hobby garage is coated in ivory white and khaki walls; it is nothing but a feast to the minimalist’s eyes. It consists of roll up door fit for cars or any machinery’s entrance and a small one for human passage. A pile of chopped woods can sit at the cemented area comfortably. This garage can house a few cars, pieces of machinery, and all the other tools you will need at such place with a great surrounding.

Marvel at the wooden picnic table that stands out on the green and wide lawn. While tending to whatever there is in this hobby garage, you can have a picnic with your family and friends outside. The place is suitable for a large group of people as it offers a huge floor area both inside, more so on the outside. Move around inside this ivory white painted hobby garage, and if ever you get tired, wooden tables and chairs are waiting for you outside! After a tiring day, feel the air breeze through your face.


Stats: 48’W x 14’H x 60’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B047038050



Source: Morton Buildings

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