Perfect Metal Steel Frame Home w/ Different Layouts! (HQ Plans & Pictures)

This metal frame structure was given a twist to suit different tastes and different personalities. This metal frame structure is composed of trusses to give your your house a sturdy built. Because of the sturdy structure, this house can withstand any harsh weather condition.

A floor plan was given to give us an overview of how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are. This house layout is good for a one-storey house.The house is best for a minimalist interior, given that it is not that spacious. It also has a utility room beside the kitchen. The house comes along with two porches, one in front of the house and one behind the house.

You can decide on the house layout that suits your comfort. With this, there are some suggested layouts that might suit your taste. The first layout is a simple green and off white metal home. The house looks very simple in this. The second one which is basked in white has stones mosaic to give the house a classier look. The next one is covered in red and red stone mosaic gives a different flavor to the house.

If you are looking for a sturdy and durable house for you and your family, we recommend that you try using steel frames and metal sidings for your dream home. You can contact Kodiak Steel Homes for more information and to help you more with your dream abode.


Stats: various sizes and layouts. More features in the plans below or contact Kodiak Steel Homes.
Plans: scroll down below!

Ballpark Price: $75 – $90* per sq. ft.

*Price varies due to finishes, materials, extras (doors, windows, etc.), permits, etc. For precise price/quote contact Kodiak Steel Homes.




Source: Kodiak Steel Homes

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