Perfect Combo: Metal Building Home & Metal Barn Building (12 Pictures)

Traditionally, the residential home and barn structures are made out of wood and are built quite far apart from each other. One has to traverse the yard to reach one building. This is not a problem if the weather is fine. However, if it rains heavily and one has to check on his animals, then, walking across a muddy yard is definitely not desirable.


This is where Morton Buildings come in. They have designed a perfect structure that combines both the residential home and barn under one roof. Muddy yard and heavy rainfall will no longer be a deterrent in taking good care of one’s animals. Not only that! The structure is no longer built out of wood; instead, metal is used to ensure that the home and barn built will last for a long time.

Morton Buildings designed a metal building structure that is practical, non-traditional, at the same time, classy and convenient. They designed a building that offers the comfort of home not only to its human residents but to its animal residents as well.

Scroll down below and take a look at this very nice combination of two metal buildings – one for living quarters and another as a barn. As always Morton Buildings did a perfect job with this project.

Noticing the images featuring the inside of the home, one cannot tell that it is part of a metal building structure because the home exudes comfort and warmth– not the cold and hardy characteristics of a metal. That is how Morton Buildings do it.

Stats: 66’W x 18’H x 100’L, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.



Source: Morton Buildings

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