Metal Farmhouse w/ Detached Garage & Guest Living Quarters! (12 Pictures)

This beautiful metal home is clearly in a league of its own, especially thanks to the immaculate black zinc sheet with which it has been ensconced. One of its primary draws is the fact that this is an environmentally friendly, energy efficient metal building home.

Further, if you look at its exterior design, it visually contrasts very well with the lush green surroundings all around, given the black color of the building. That is the reason it has come to be considered as a landmark in the area. This fact is accentuated by the large windows with yellow frames that starkly contrast with the black color of the building.

Of course, as appealing as the metal frame home is from the exterior, so is it from the interior. Once you look inside, you will gain firsthand insight into the sheer amount of thought and effort that has gone into making the property as appealing as possible. For instance, there are essentially three facets to the plan of the house – the primary living area, the guest wing or studio and the garage. All three together make for a truly compelling metal home.

Alongside there are certain features which render this property particularly modern and appealing such including solar panels and a geothermal heat pump, along with a ventilation system that can fully recover heat across the entire property.

With so much effort having put in the architects of the metal home, Simon Winstanley, you surely would like to contact them for more details.

Stats: 3,412 sq. feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, detached garage, guest studio/wing.




Source: Simon Winstanley

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