Inspiring Metal Building Home w/ Brick Combination (12 Pictures)

At the first look, this house looks a cold and modern metal house because of his matte paint work. But this very unique house comes with a surprise for people who would come and visit the inhabitants of this home. This unique house composes of metal and stone brick work, blended together to form a very unique house.

The metal house basked in matte turquoise paint job and a brick stone pillar to give a classic touch of the house. The house comes along wrap around porch and a balcony, both very spacious. You can set up a couches, chais chairs and arm chairs on this area because of the space it can accomodate.

In contrast to its cold exterior, this metal house possesed a very homey interior. The inside of the house is painted in warm yellow to give a warm and cosy feeling to the inhabitants and guests of this house.

The interior of the house is a combination of wooden floor boards, window sils and door jams to blend in with the yellow walls. The fireplace was accentuated with brick stones to give a classic look to the fire place and to the chimney.

The kitchen was given a pseudo bark marble counter slabs to match the wooden cupboards. The bedrooms has more than enough leg room to move around. The bedrooms were given a minimalist touch to give more space and comfort to bedroom owners.

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Stats: publicly not available – feel free to contact the contractors.
 publicly not available – feel free to contact the contractors.



Source: Brawley Construction Systems

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