Practical Barndominium Plans for Your Future Home!

Barndominiums are becoming increasingly popular especially in the southern part of US. What is it? It’s a livable house, the main thing that differs from regular homes you see all over the country – it looks like a barn and it’s not uncommon to get these build in plain fields surrounded by crops.

If you have a fascination for barn designs – it’s a perfect type of house for you. Usually, barndominiums are very spacious and have high ceiling. You can fit all sorts of furniture in there and even have a mezzanine. Below you will find unique floor plans ready to be transferred in reality and become your home. These are only sketches, but you can always use them when planning out your future barndominium. Feel free to play around and find the best layout that fits your family the best.

These floor plans were made by W.D. Metal Buildings. If it is your dream to build a nice barndominium in the future take a look below. Also, these can be built on steel frame or with metal siding to last longer and stand stronger!



Planning to Build Your Own Metal/Steel Home? We Can Help!

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Planning to Build Your Own Metal/Steel Home? We Can Help!

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Source: W.D. Metal Buildings

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Beautiful Dutch Saltbox Home w/ 3 Bedrooms (20 HQ Pictures & Plans)

Due to high demand of cheap homes we decided to put one through from our sister site Top Timber Homes straight on this website. Even though it’s from timber you can always use metal siding on it to lower maintenance costs and your time. Go ahead and check this Two-story House Timber Frame Dutch Saltbox with three bedrooms created by Vermont Frames. This house has an outstanding view of nature as there are lush, green trees surrounding the area. You will definitely have a relaxing view every morning, a real beauty to behold.

It has a unique front porch with a touch of vintage design doorstep. There is also a cozy living room with a built-in fireplace where everybody can relax and have some fun. There is also a leather couch in the living room, making you want to snuggle on it all day long. It has a very spacious kitchen area and bar where you can cook your favorite dishes. A small dining area is located next to the kitchen. There is also another couch located on the second floor. The three bedrooms are spacious and have a great view of the outside. The bathroom is spacious which is minimalistic in terms of design.

The front porch doesn’t fall short on space either. On the other hand, the house’s foundation is very sturdy and is made of good quality timber frames from Vermont Frames. You can have a cook-out during weekends with family and friends since the lawn is wide enough to accommodate visitors. You can even have a campfire or do stargazing at night. Furthermore, a great parking space is also added right outside the house where you can park your vehicles with ease.

If this timber home is your cup of tea, you can contact Vermont Frames for more details.

Contractor: Vermont Frames


1700 sq.ft., 3 bedroom
Size: 24’x36′


Owner Erected Kit*: $32,880

Frame Erected By Our Crew: $36,604

Panels: $20,925




Source: Morton Buildings

One-of-a-Kind Metal Horse Barn

This stunning one of a kind metal horse barn is available by Morton Buildings and has massive dimensions. The outside of the metal barn is a beautiful teal and cream color which look so pleasant to the eyes. The centered main entrance features a gorgeous full brick facade. The maroons of the brick façade complement the teal and cream color of the house so well. The left and the right wings of the house are evenly spaced and really give the house a balanced look. The perfectly manicured lawn is surrounded by a black metal fence to make sure your horses never wander. A decently-sized riding path also goes around the house to the back which also has another fenced area for your horses. Can’t you just imagine raising a big family of horse lovers here? Not only is the house itself gorgeous, but the backyard is just perfect!

The best part about this gorgeous metal barn house is the stables! With a classic-looking exterior, you wouldn’t expect how convenient the interior is. The interior of the stable is fully modern and can hold around 8 horses. During winters, the state of the art construction will also ensure that they stay warm. Moreover, the modern 3-door garage is very spacious and can hold up to 5 cars or 3 mini-tractors. You can also use a portion of it to store your tools or make a crafting area.


Stats:  38’W x 13’4″H x 60’L + 36’W x 9’4″H x 48’L + 36’W x 9’4″H x 48’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B125021082





Source: Morton Buildings

Amazing Metal Building Home w/ Enormous Garage (Floor Plan Included)

This beautifully constructed metal building home measuring 60′ x 100′ x 18′ is available from Lester Buildings with the desire of making a fusion of both modern and classic design features. The simple and striking green and white color of the metal home looks so modern with such a classic barnyard architectural appeal. The stunning metal home is located on a huge piece of land with your neighbors being miles apart, perfect for having your own farm.

The pictures below will give you a glimpse of the interior of the house. The inside features beautiful wooden floors and doors with an exquisite finish. To the side of the living room, you can access the large garage through framed glass doors. The house is perfect for a small to medium farm with a medium to large family. The metal house is perfect for any weather, ranging from hot and dry to even the absolute coldest of temperatures. And look at that garage! It’s huge! It can even fit a full-sized tractor and several other vehicles inside it. Additionally, you can also use it as a storage hub or even use the extra space as a gym or a hobby room.

In general, this metal home is the ideal place for all car lovers out there. If you are looking for a house that can withstand tough climates and has enough space for your cars and other vehicles, then this is the perfect match!


Stats:  60′ x 100′ x 18′
Price & Plans: feel free to contact Lester Buildings, project number: 512458

Planning to Build Your Own Metal/Steel Home? We Can Help!

Connect With Your Local Contractors.


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Planning to Build Your Own Metal/Steel Home? We Can Help!

Connect With Your Local Contractors.


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Source: Lester Buildings

Beautiful Metal Building Home w/ Fire Pit Area

This stunning modern-day metal farm is made available by Morton Buildings and measures 42’W x 12’H x 60’L. This beautiful one-story house is elegantly painted with firetruck red and white on the outside, resembling the classic barn house look. The house itself is placed on a huge area of lush green land which makes the color scheme of the metal home stands out even more.

The house also features an amazing fire pit several meters away from the main house. The fire pit is both simple and modern and is a charming addition to this already amazing metal home. Can you imagine staring out at the stars and having a cook out with your family around that fire pit? It would be such a lovely sight! Another interesting feature about the house is the large porch. It can fit a small table and a medium-sized outdoor sofa set. Another great aspect to consider if you have children. The porch would be a great place to hang out while your kids play in the yard.

The interior of the house has wooden floors and ceilings and moldings with an all-wooden kitchen. The pastel sky blue walls perfectly accentuate the all wooden interior and make the insides look so inviting and whimsical. The garage is also very huge. It can fit 2 cars together with your speed boat. There’s even extra room for a shelves and storage. If you want to have a small garden, there is also more than enough room to store all of your gardening equipment.


Stats:  42’W x 12’H x 60’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B070043980






Source: Morton Buildings

Beautiful Metal Building Home for Small Families

This traditional metal building home by Morton Buildings is a combination of both contemporary and classic design architecture. It features a fantastic neutral exterior, blending a brown, sienna, cream, and wine palette. The entrance is accentuated by 6 gorgeous pillars to give it a more balanced overall look. The house is situated right beside on the outside of the woods, giving you a very serene and peaceful “cabin in the woods” feeling.

The house features a small front porch that would be perfect for a small family of four to just sit around and hangout. There is a small area at the side of the house which would be ideal for a grill and a small barbecue area. The house is also surrounded by a rustic wooden fence that adds to the metal home’s overall woodsy appeal. The interior of the house is very modern. The walls are a deep yellowish, off-white color while the ceiling is a neutral egg white. This gives the house a very warm and welcoming sentiment. The floors are also tiled in a modern fashion with the same neutral browns as the exterior. The kitchen features modern furnishings such as the marble top counter and the bar stools.

The 3-door garage is huge and modern. You can fit all of your tools and farming equipment inside along with 2-3 small to medium sized vehicles. Additionally, there is a side entrance that leads to the barbecue pit allowing you quick and easy access to the storage area.


Stats:  42’W x 13’4″H x 54’L + 36’W x 9’H x 38’L
Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B143033391



Source: Morton Buildings

Check out the decorating process of this stunning metal building home!

This gorgeous metal home available by Morton Buildings measures 36’W x 12’H x 108’L. It has a classic brick red and white exterior, a reminiscent of the classic barn yard home. But wait, there’s more! This stunning house features a huge window on one side of the house, giving you a great view from your kitchen and dining room. The front of the house features a small front porch which makes the entrance of the house look more inviting while the interior looks very modern. The main entrance leads directly into the kitchen with immaculate white shelving units that have beautifully finished black metal handles. The countertop has a modern finish that perfectly accentuates the lighting of the house.

The house has a lot of light which due mainly to the large windows that cover the entire side of the house wall to wall. The window panes are also perfectly angled to give the windows a structured look. The ceilings are a beautiful dark wooden finish that perfectly highlights the traditional eggshell colored walls. The house’s storage area is also very huge! You can fit tons of things inside, including your farming equipment. Even with a mini tractor or two, you can also park around two or three small to medium sized vehicles. You can also store all of your tools and use it as a work area too.

The special features of the house include Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel all around the house with Alumasteel Sliding Doors. The house will also adapt well to any weather with Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package.

Stats:  36’W x 12’H x 108’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B136045562



Source: Morton Buildings

Perfect Hobby Garage for Collectors (With Living Area)

The exterior is painted with earth tone colors without the slightest hint of what you are about to witness once you step indoors. Be awe-struck with this immaculately white and vast garage; definitely every car collector’s ultimate dream garage! Marvel at this dumbfounding creation by Morton Buildings which is exquisitely spotless from ceiling to floor and absolutely welcoming to all your collections! You can never go wrong with a vast and well-lit space. However, the main star will still be your car collection despite the garage’s astounding look.

This perfect hobby garage has three rolling doors which are huge enough to pass through all your car assemblage from compact to big cars. Another two doors for human passage and an ample number and size of a window should you decide to invite the wind to enter the haven of your collection.

A huge space for your car collection, why not? The good news does not stop there because another wing offers you a living space for your own. You can be with your collection day in and day out! The living space is surprising in its own way!

Take a break from bright walls and relax with its dim blue interior walls and wooden furniture. It almost emits the vibe that you are living in a log house and not within a metal exterior wall. The living area is roomy enough to have a distinct place for kitchen, bedrooms, and living room with a fireplace. The kitchen has ample space with a center table where the dishwasher is installed. Enjoy watching the television in the spacious living room with a comfortable couch and a La-Z-Boy near the fireplace. The bedroom is just charming with its full wooden framed bed and wooden cabinets with intricate details.


Stats:  42’W x 10’H x 120’L + 60’W x 12’H x 250’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B091034833



Source: Morton Buildings

Comfortable Metal Hobby Garage

A standalone metal hobby garage detached from a cozy house is curated by Morton Buildings. Surrounded by a neatly laid lawn, there are enough things to keep you preoccupied in addition to tending the house and garage. Both external walls and roofs are painted garnet and gray, respectively. Its white coated doors and windows give a good contrast to the overall color scheme. Its attractiveness illuminates in the light of simplicity; this metal hobby garage is a feast for the minimalist eyes. Not to mention that it offers a great deal of comfort and bliss as you get to go around doing what you love.

The garage is spacious enough to house six cars and other tools for mowing the lawn comfortably. Finding a spot for any machine, tool, and even a few cars will never be a problem as the high ceiling augments the largeness of the garage. The interior walls are immaculate and can support shelves for smaller tools and can also hold hooks for dangling more stuff.

Strategically located at the heart of a flawlessly rested lawn, the spacious garage is partnered with a detached living area. A studio type living area enclosed in a bungalow gives you an ample space, if not enormous, living space. Divided into two parts which are the kitchen with dining area and the living room that be used as a makeshift room. Perfectly suited for two dwellers who both share the love for open spaces, the smell of fresh lawn, and the serenity of what seems like a modern countryside.

Stats:  36’W x 12’H x 68’L + 18’W x 10’H x 24’L
Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B091023235/91-4794



Source: Morton Buildings