Great Craftsman Home Perfect for Steel Frame! (HQ Plans)

One of the biggest draws of this enigmatic home is the two levels of porches that are on offer; such a feature is a rarity on such properties, giving it a huge amount of living space on the outdoors otherwise unseen in properties of this league.

As you enter through the ground floor, you are greeted by an immaculate master suite which comes with a huge bedroom and a beautifully done up bathroom. There’s also a laundry room to the back which can be accessed quite easily. This same level also features a kitchen with an open dining room right alongside. There is even a snack-bar area where you can enjoy drinks and more with friends and family or even by yourself!

If that wasn’t enough the same floor also includes what can at best be referred to as a tech zone of sorts where your gadgets can get the much-needed charge they regularly seek!

Upstairs, there is a media room which you will use to access the upper porch. There are 2 bedrooms on this floor, each of which comes with its own walk-in closet as well as a private bath.

This is a house which can easily be built using wooden or steel frames. We recommend to get it built on steel frames for durability and longevity.

Stats: total area 2,875 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 stories, 2 garage bays.

Floor Plans: scroll down below!

Construction Ready Plans: click here.





Source: Home Plans

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