Full Metal Building Home w/ Great Exterior & Interior Design (8 HQ Pictures)

This Japanese Inspired Metal Home has left many gaping at awe!

This two-storey steel house bathes in copper red and off white paint finish, giving the house a modern, classy and sophisticated look. It also comes with an open patio, a perfect place to go stargazing or simply relax under the warm afternoon heat. It also has a little porch, encased in steel screen,spacious enough to put a living room area.

The interior walls are basked in warm yellow paint, giving the house a cosy and warm feeling despite the fact that the whole building is made up of metal. From the porch, you can see the living room area. It may seem like a little cramp with the pieces of furniture, but the living room space can fit up to 7 or more people in the couches. The kitchen is spacious, a combination of green and gray. This is a real combination of classic and contemporary style.The interior was given a minimalist theme even if the house is spacious. Bedrooms have a lot of leg room to walk around . Like the living room, the bedrooms are coated in warm yellow hue. Spaces by the windows were converted into mini study tables to save space.

This house is well designed for people who have children and pets. It gives them enough space to walk and play while still giving that perfect comfort that you wish for. This Tim Brown Architectural Design might just be the one for you. Kudos, Tim Brown Architecture!


Builder: Cody Schmidt, Schmidt Custom Homes, Dripping Springs.

Plans: feel free to contact the architect.

Estimated price: unknown, feel free to contact the architect or the builders.





Source: Tim Brown Architecture

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