Fantastic Metal Building Storage Home w/ Living Quarters (HQ Plan & Pictures)

Practicality and style come hand in hand with this ideal storehouse or storage home. Meant to be a safe, clean and quality warehouse for various products, such as fresh produce and processed products – as well as a recommended depot for any kinds of dry goods – this property passes the entrepreneurial standards of safekeeping with flying colors.

Built with good insulation, this storage home guarantees the preservation of materials to be stored in its interior. The roofing, ceiling, and walls are lined and well-insulated for the purpose of keeping the desired temperature for different kinds of items. The said property qualifies as a season-proof area for storage. Moreover, with a neatly positioned mezzanine and up-to-the-minute wooden stairs, this modern storage home allows a comfortable spot for in-house entrepreneurs and operation managers to stay.

Displaying an unassuming exterior that primarily projects a dominance of gray and a touch of white, this storage home maintains its operative and practical appeal. Its over-all area possesses a businesslike charm that makes any type of industry ready for any immediate transaction. With that, given the right interior changes, this storage home may also easily be converted into a modern office. This is the exact storage home that is elegantly packed with a cozy and homey living quarters.

Scroll down below to see this amazing metal building storage home with living quarters by Lester Buildings. Get ready to be ultra-allured!


Stats: 54′ x 88′ x 16′, 4/12 roof pitch, shop is insulated and lined, 8′ wide wrap around porch, living quarters inside with storage above.
Plan: contact Lester Buildings, project number: #512419.



Source: Lester Buildings

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