Extraordinary Shingle Style House – Super Energy Efficient! (9 Pictures)

As you first set sight on this majestic property, you are clearly left with a sense of timelessness as though you have been transported to a whole new era! After all, besides the unparalleled design of the house, it is the surroundings which are truly compelling – set amidst a lakeside frontier with breathtaking views all around, especially that of a cliff right upfront as well as mountains in the distance. The house itself sits on a rather narrow lot and yet its attraction quotient remains really very high.

As one absorbs the tranquil settings of the home, the purposefulness behind the entire setup gradually dawns – there was a definite effort made by the owner to ensure that calm and peace was never compromised, with unmistakable views to be enjoyed all around, even when otherwise surrounded by other homes in very close proximity.

Looking at more details of the property, we see a front porch or entry which is so typical of bungalows of this kind. The house itself has a gale like structure with dormers that project out. There is even a small porch on the second floor solely accessed through the master bedroom, giving it an added touch of privacy. Facing the lake is an all-season porch which can be utilized to the hilt, no matter the weather.

Clearly, Round Tree Construction has put in a lot of effort into this property. In case you wish for a steel frame home of this nature, you may want to inquire with them.

Stats: feel free to contact the contractor.
feel free to contact the contractor.



Source: Round Tree Constuction

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