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Amazing Metal Home w/ Entertainment Room!

Extravagance and practicality win today! If you’re looking for a pad, a cave to hole into, or the ultimate hangout to go to all time or live in? This home may just be the perfect one for you. This amazing two-story home by Morton Buildings boasts an outstanding size of 5400 sq ft.  This house … Read More

Excellent Metal Building Home for Small Families

Made by the great Morton Buildings, a company that builds the finest buildings in the world, one can already tell just how magnificent this metal building home can be. The house’s maroon theme gives an eccentric effect on its whole image. The house is designed to be uncomplicatedly simple, but it’s undoubtedly attractive. On the … Read More

Metal Storage Building w/ Room For Everything

If what you’re looking for is a home full of space, this metal storage building by Morton Buildings is the one for you. As its name suggests, the house is designed with several rooms where you can store your things and organize them accordingly. While it is only designed to be a storage building, the … Read More

Dream Hobby Garage for Car Lovers

Are you a car lover? If your answer is yes, you’ll be very happy to check out this dream hobby garage for all car lovers. Morton Buildings did a good job in building this incredibly marvelous building of garage. The whole building is stunning in pastel grey-themed color. The façade is grooving with three parallel … Read More

Sturdy Metal Building Garage w/ All You Need!

This well-built rectangular metal garage, which is concealed in white exterior walls and roofed and accented with hunter green color, is made by Morton Buildings. It has a perfect spot just right at the front door where you can park one pick-up car or two compact cars if you wish. Far from gigantic and not … Read More

Beautiful Metal Building Home w/ Grilling Area

If you are looking for a beautiful country-style house, then this amazing metal building home with a grilling area which is created by Morton Buildings is definitely for you. With the house purely made from metal, you can definitely tell that it is very sturdy and won’t easily break down during storms or bad weather. … Read More

Elegant Lakeside Metal Building Home

This metal home by Morton Buildings is known to be both beautiful and durable.  This elegant lakeside metal building home is a beauty to behold. With the roof and windows made from high-quality metal, you can expect utmost protection from the elements during bad weather. The brick design of the house not only adds to the … Read More

Picturesque Metal Hobby Garage

You might jump in and say that this is photoshoped, definitely not!  This white-washed metal hobby garage by Morton Buildings is just picturesque as it can be. Plain and simple yet elegant, straightforward with a color scheme that is typical yet beautiful, and a hobby garage so stunning that you would not want to leave! … Read More

Huge Metal Building with Space to Spare!

Looks like your dream home at first glance? If not, look again. With an enormous structure, you might just be possibly looking at your future home and garage altogether! You are staring at the huge metal building with space to spare by Morton Buildings. Fall in love with the combination of khaki, walnut, and tan brown … Read More

Amazing Metal Building Garage

The word amazing is undoubtedly fitting to describe this metal building garage by Morton Buildings. Drenched in pantone green, its exterior walls and roof are matched by brown roll down doors and columns. White rocks accentuate the lower part of the garage. This metal garage looks like a duplex from the outside, only that the other … Read More