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It is actually not difficult at all to get financing for steel frame/metal homes. In fact, there are a lot of companies and institutes out there that would provide some construction financing or permanent loans to help you build your ideal metal built home. There would be some medium to high-interest rates; however, this can … Read More

One-of-a-Kind Metal Horse Barn

This stunning one of a kind metal horse barn is available by Morton Buildings and has massive dimensions. The outside of the metal barn is a beautiful teal and cream color which look so pleasant to the eyes. The centered main entrance features a gorgeous full brick facade. The maroons of the brick façade complement … Read More

Amazing Metal Building Home w/ Enormous Garage (Floor Plan Included)

This beautifully constructed metal building home measuring 60′ x 100′ x 18′ is available from Lester Buildings with the desire of making a fusion of both modern and classic design features. The simple and striking green and white color of the metal home looks so modern with such a classic barnyard architectural appeal. The stunning … Read More

Beautiful Metal Building Home w/ Fire Pit Area

This stunning modern-day metal farm is made available by Morton Buildings and measures 42’W x 12’H x 60’L. This beautiful one-story house is elegantly painted with firetruck red and white on the outside, resembling the classic barn house look. The house itself is placed on a huge area of lush green land which makes the … Read More

Beautiful Metal Building Home for Small Families

This traditional metal building home by Morton Buildings is a combination of both contemporary and classic design architecture. It features a fantastic neutral exterior, blending a brown, sienna, cream, and wine palette. The entrance is accentuated by 6 gorgeous pillars to give it a more balanced overall look. The house is situated right beside on … Read More

Check out the decorating process of this stunning metal building home!

This gorgeous metal home available by Morton Buildings measures 36’W x 12’H x 108’L. It has a classic brick red and white exterior, a reminiscent of the classic barn yard home. But wait, there’s more! This stunning house features a huge window on one side of the house, giving you a great view from your … Read More

Perfect Hobby Garage for Collectors (With Living Area)

The exterior is painted with earth tone colors without the slightest hint of what you are about to witness once you step indoors. Be awe-struck with this immaculately white and vast garage; definitely every car collector’s ultimate dream garage! Marvel at this dumbfounding creation by Morton Buildings which is exquisitely spotless from ceiling to floor … Read More

Comfortable Metal Hobby Garage

A standalone metal hobby garage detached from a cozy house is curated by Morton Buildings. Surrounded by a neatly laid lawn, there are enough things to keep you preoccupied in addition to tending the house and garage. Both external walls and roofs are painted garnet and gray, respectively. Its white coated doors and windows give … Read More

Spacious Metal Garage for All Your Needs

Minimize your garage upkeep with this spacious metal garage by Morton Buildings. Due to its steel built, this garage requires very little maintenance as compared to structures made of wood or brick. This material also prides itself not only with its resistance to fire and pests such as termites and other destructive pests but also … Read More

Cozy Metal Home for Small Families

Quaint and durable is the wonder of this metal house. This cozy home by Morton Buildings is perfect for small families. With this house, you don’t have to worry too much about cost and maintenance. Steel is known to be cost-efficient overall, especially for the long term due to its durability as steel can withstand … Read More