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41 x 60 Modular Home w/ Luxury Interior (HQ Plans & Pictures)

This is a pre-fabricated house is with wide land area. The exterior finishing of the house is simple but impressive. However, the interior finishings of this pre-fabricated house is luxury and elegance rolled into one. it is a classy house by Palm Harbour. It has multiple bedrooms where you can relax and sleep luxuriously. It … Read More

Top 5 Metal Barndominium Floor Plans for Your Dream Home! (HQ Plans)

Have you ever heard of a barndominium? A barndominium is a type of house that is built to look like a barn but have the amenities and the features of an actual house. Barndominiums are often built in fields or in areas that have a lot of greenery. This is the best place to live … Read More

Impressive Metal Barndominium Home w/ Abundant Storage (24 HQ Pictures)

  This is one impressive metal building home or as we tend to call it metal barndominium by Morton Buildings. This metal building is great for a family who wants to move into Colorado, Texas. A perfect home for the whole family which includes 3 bedrooms that are suitable for 4-6 family members. You can definitely appreciate … Read More

Intimate Rural House w/ Metal Roof For Peaceful People (HQ Pictures & Plans)

This house with wooden walls and metal roof is structured to inspire artists and families who are looking for a place with high aesthetic value. It also gives an impression of serenity and constructed so as to give a sense of comfort and safety. What more can one ask for? Looking inside the house, you’ll … Read More

Easily Maintained House w/ Metal Roof Perfectly Laid Out For Families (HQ Plans)

A house is not just a structure, it’s a haven. Don’t make your dream house remain a dream house. Turn it real this time! Enough of the endless scrolls on the web; this house will give you enough inspiration you need to get started with your dream abode. Its stone exterior and metal roof make … Read More

Award-Winning Prairie Ranch House w/ Wrap-Around Porch  (HQ Pics & Plans)

This prairie ranch house screams elegance and style from its exquisite facade down to the last detail of its interior design. It is something that would really catch everyone’s attention; there is no doubt about it. It has a tremendous space that accommodates up to 4 bedrooms, 2 garages, and 5 bathrooms. Plus, it has … Read More

Minimalist Farmhouse Bachelor Pad w/ Beautiful Surroundings

Unleash that younger side of you and consider this minimalist inspired farmhouse bachelor pad. This stunning farmhouse is the ideal home for those younger clients and for those who are young at heart. It is never too late to have that dream house that you have always wanted as a child. This minimalist farmhouse bachelor … Read More

Georgian Style Amazing yet Simple Town House (HQ Pictures & Plans)

Designed by Stephen Fuller, Inc., of Atlanta, the home combines a classic, good-looking exterior with spacious, livable interiors. Called “Brook Hollow”, this traditional house features deep porches remind us of the Georgian styling. People who love an elegant yet simple lifestyle will surely love this design. Of course we encourage people who choose this house … Read More

Must-see Urban House For Easy Living (HQ Pics & Plans)

While this house was built for an urban couple or family, the overall design makes it desired by traditional style lovers also. It features up to 5 bedrooms and 2.5 baths for your family. Don’t worry about your relatives or friends coming over, you have a lot of space to accommodate them and when they’re … Read More

Spacious American Folk Farmhouse w/ Large Attic (HQ Pics & Plans)

Inspired by the simple classical composition of the old American farmhouse common in rural homes of the late 1900s, this folk farmhouse is extremely spacious without making any style compromises. Other amazing features of this house includes a master bath with abundant natural light, a dining room featuring bifold exterior doors and a large attic … Read More