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Rethink Your Walls With Stikwood (60 HQ Pictures)

Made from reclaimed and sustainable woods sourced from various locations in the U.S., Stikwood products boast the natural beauty that only time and the forces of nature can provide. With its remarkably simple Peel and Stik installation process, Stikwood brings the look of wood planking within reach as a fast and cost-effective interior design solution. … Read More

67 Ideas For Stylish Bike Storage At Home

Living in the city might mean having to live in a smaller space than you would like. While bikes are convenient and eco-friendly, they are prone to being stolen and will take up valuable space in your apartment when brought inside. We compiled a list of products and methods that you can employ to store your … Read More

52 Christmas Decor Ideas For Modern Home

Christmas is right around the corner and you probably started looking for home decor ideas. Think of your Christmas décor, how do you see it? Are you tired of traditional Christmas décor? Don’t want lots of colors and shades? Decking the halls with boughs of holly actually seems a bit excessive for your taste? We’ve … Read More

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Barn Houses (22 HQ Pictures)

In recent times, there are so many innovations surfacing, and one of them is barn houses.  Recently, there are many families who are planning to get a metal home instead of going for the traditional houses. The traditional way to build homes is slowly becoming inefficient. Taking a look at modular homes, it simply makes more … Read More

20 Scandinavian Style Kitchen Ideas

In Vogue’s episode of 73 Questions featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, the award-winning actress was asked to describe living in New York in 3 words. Sarah replied with “symphonic, tiny, real.” It comes as quite a thinker that with the immense upscale in lifestyle, people have resorted to down scaling their actual living space, literally. In … Read More

Incredible Underground Houses (23 HQ Pics)

If the towers and castles that are situated on top of the hills gave our ancestors a stunning aerial view, these remarkable underground houses also offer another peculiar dish on the architectural table that we can dig in and give a taste. If you are familiar with Disney Princess and Lord of the Rings movies … Read More

Stunning Offices Tucked Into Historical Buildings (24 HQ Pics)

Let’s momentarily set the usual corporate touches aside and welcome the historical feels as we list down some of the modern offices tucked under the historical buildings all over the world.  Who would have thought that these modern offices could be tastefully planted inside these monumental buildings? dPOP, Detroit   This design firm decided to … Read More

Amazing 3D Printed Items For Your Home (30 HQ Pictures)

The number of 3D printed products that you can buy is growing by the second. Some are wearable. Some are medical. And some are for your home. Take a closer look into the future where amazing home décor items made out of recycled materials like plastic. 3D printed faucets. DXV by American Standard is taking it to the next level with their … Read More

A 100-Year-Old Church Transformed into a Skate Park

Abandoned and crumbling from neglect church in the spanish municipality of Llanera, Asturias originally was design by architect Manuel del Busto in 1912 until a group of individuals called the ‘Church Brigade’ with help from online fundraising and Red Bull turned this church into a public skate park dubbed Kaos Temple. The place was salvaged and if having a skate … Read More

DIY Owl Paper Lamps

Maybe you are searching for something new to decorate your home, a cute light for your bedroom,  or unusual gift for your friend? Then you have to take a look at the Owl Paper Lamps.   Owl paperlamps brand is designed and created in 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal. Authors Hugo Formiga and Teresa Almeida claim … Read More