Beautiful Urban Farmhouse w/ Open Plan Kitch & Fireplace (9 HQ Pictures)

The vibrant yellow color is the first thing that attracts you to this house. This modern farmhouse has two storeys and has the bright yellow paint job that when the sun rays hit the surface, it makes the house glossy. The house has a spacious lawn. So, if you have pets or children, this is a good place for you to hang out. It also comes with a wrap around porch.

The interior of the house is quite different from the house. The house has monochromatic interior, making the rooms brighter and spacious. The living room has an artistic  antler chandelier that stands out in the sea of white and a cosy fireplace for cold winter nights. The house comes with a preset L-shape kitchen and a marble counter top accentuating the modern feel of the house.

The hallways are accentuated with a  chandelier that produce a warm and relaxing vibe. It gives a warm welcome to its inhabitants. The bedrooms are well sized. Walls are painted with neutral hues to bring out a soft glow look from the lamp just right above the door. It has a built-in closet and a bath for the master’s bedroom.The bath is something you should check out in this house. It may look simple and classy, but it is very spacious.

Indeed, this house is truly amazing. Robert Baumann was able to balance the loud and vibrant exterior with a soft and warm interior. If you wish to have this house built on steel or metal siding/ frames, we advise you to contact the contractor to ask if this option is possible. The architect serves Northern Carolina.

Stats: 2529 sq. feet. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms.

Plans: not available publicly, feel free to contact the architect.

Ballpark price: not available publicly, feel free to contact the architect Robert Baumann.




Source: Robert Baumann

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