1608-2200 sq. ft. Beautiful Modular Farmhouse (HQ Plans & Pictures)

Own this modular farmhouse that sits in the heart of a prairie. Bright Built Homes has created a carefully planned and designed farmhouse that offers an energy-saving feature which will help you maximize your utility savings. The house usually comes with wooden frames, but it is always possible to have it constructed using steel or metal frames to improve its quality and durability. We advise you to check if the contractor can build this modular home with the use of metal/steel frames or sidings.

The house offers a farmhouse exterior but the interiors will take you into a whole new modern environment. The first level of the house offers a wide open space for your cooking and entertaining needs while the second level has three spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms. The exterior offers crisp white and chestnut painted walls which would fit your simplistic yet elegant quality home taste. The house also features wide glass windows that accentuate those morning and afternoon glows of the prairie.

Invest in this beautifully designed modular home that is highly accentuated with wide glass windows. Not only is the house chic, it also offers that perfect peace and tranquility you deserve out from the hustle and bustle of city life. Check out the floor plan and pictures below for more details!


Stats: 1608-2200 sq. feet, 2-3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. More details in the plans below.

Plans: Scroll down below!

Ballpark price: Hard to estimate, feel free to contact Bright Built Home for precise numbers.




Source: Bright Built Homes

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