Awesome Vacation Home Ideal for Family Retreat! (8 HQ Pictures)

Ok, so you yearn for maximum sunlight and captivating views throughout the year but find it rather hard to achieve. Well, on this particular property designed and built by Coburn Development you will definitely not find yourself wanting on these fronts ever! That is because they have thoughtfully applied themselves on this persistent demand from home owners and come up with an unbeatable solution – have the living and dining areas along with the kitchen on the second floor! Yes, that may seem like a rather simplistic solution yet surprisingly few developers and builders have actually come up with such a design option.

In this particular instance, you will find that the house blends in a number of different materials on the exterior, including chinked logs and batten siding. Then the roof is galvanized which further gives it a distinct characteristic. Not only that, these facets are clearly representative of a modernized version of the Victorian architecture that has been so typical of Crested Butte while still retaining a mountain identity.

Accolades for this property have never stopped pouring in, with a prominent feature in Better Homes and Gardens being a major highlight. Yes, with long term durability and an environment that is void of termites being every home owner’s earnest desire, you might want to crosscheck if the house can in fact be built on a steel frame.

Stats:  2,500 sq. feet , 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 floors, porch, detached garage.

Plans: not available to public, feel free to contact the contractor.




Source: Coburn Development

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