Metal Building Home w/ Awesome Wrap-around Porch (HQ Plans & 8 Pictures)

Another awesome metal building house by Morton Buildings. Soft palette colors and red roof makes this house  stand out. Wrap-around porch is a necessary asset for such a beautiful metal home as well as two garages to fit a few cars and even a lawn mower. The house layout is traditional L type which ensures a lot of room inside as well as outstanding view from outside.

This one story house is perfect for a family. It was specially built in the country side with plenty of room for outdoor activities. With the beautiful light system installed this metal home looks beautifully at night time mirroring in the pond nearby. Even though the house is built from stick frame, its metal siding and roof will ensure great durability that will last for many years. Also, low maintenance work is required compared to other types of sidings. You can learn more about the benefits and differences of metal building homes in our brand new eBook – Metal Building Homes Guide.

Scroll down to see the pictures and plan!

Stats: 40’W x 11’H x 80’L + 24’W x 11’H x 30’L
Plan: scroll down below!





Source: Morton Buildings

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