A Monochromatic Cottage In The Countryside (10 Pictures)

Who says that you need an entire hue of different colors to make your house attractive in appearance? As this property clearly shows, sometimes monochrome has its own charm which simply cannot be overlooked. In essence what we find is that using the same white color, the house has been tastefully done up inside and out, often opting for different shades of white to give it a touch of glamor.

In doing so, a simplistic charm has been maintained while also ensuring maximal visual appeal. After all, given the color white, we are assured of bright hues since light is reflected to the maxim.

Further, when we look inside the property, we find that it has been done up really nicely. The two bedrooms lie in a single floor plan while the bathroom features folding walls that are very rarely seen. Moreover, it’s a compost toilet here which means that the house can easily be kept off the grid without any qualms.

Such a home can certainly be made using metal frames – you may want to check with Mäklarringen if that is possible!

Stats:  614 sq. feet , 2 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, 1 story.

Plans: scroll down below!



Source: Mäklarringen

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