110% Rustic-look Steel Barn Home in LA (10 HQ Pictures)

Invest in this full metal barn house located in Los Angeles. The property is huge which features an African inspired interior. The open space offers a wide range of display items that would fit your eccentric style. The exterior of the house is purely made of metal while the interiors have driftwood panels attached to the ceilings. It stands at 13 feet tall and has a white painted finish that would enable you to showcase more items that could be arranged in the best fashion suited for your style.

This modern barn house offers two lounging areas found both in the upper and lower decks that have a Saharan inspired view of its beautifully crafted garden. The wide open space can also be maximized for numerous guests where you can lavishly bask in the ambiance of art and its magnificence. There is also a lap pool available to help beat that summer heat of Los Angeles. If this does not catch your attention, the house also has an available walk-in closet that suits your stylish comfort.

Own this wide-open property and enjoy the vibrant energy it exudes both for your family and entertainment needs. It is carefully designed to mix what is modern to the native and natural. Check out the pictures below to see the flamboyant details of this beautifully designed modern barn house.

Stats: 3,200 square feet, 13 feet of height.

Plans: Not available publicly, feel free to contact Ehlichar Architecs.

Ballpark Price: Not available publicly, feel free to contact Ehlichar Architecs.



Source: Ehrlicharchitects

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